Diamonds Direct Crabtree A Local Favorite For Diamonds And Jewelry

-A Local Favorite For Diamonds And Jewelry

By: - Jewelry - July 13, 2011
diamonds direct crabtree a local favorite for diamonds and jewelry

Choosing a diamond for an engagement ring or special gift can be a daunting task. If you’re unfamiliar with diamond terminology or unsure of what to look for, having someone to guide you along the process is often a godsend. Diamonds Direct Crabtree has been in business for over 15 years and is currently servicing the southeast United States by offering quality and certified loose diamonds as well as a variety of fashion jewelry and other precious stones. If you’re in the area, a trip to one of their three locations may be just what you need to make an educated diamond purchase.

Diamonds Direct Crabtree currently has three locations. Located in Charlotte and Raleigh, North Carolina, as well as Birmingham, Alabama, Diamonds Direct is by no means a national company. With limited stores, Diamonds Direct is nevertheless seeking to make a niche in their own neighborhood. For those who have had the opportunity to shop there, most Diamonds Direct reviews have been positive. Reviewers have noted that the staff is friendly and helpful and that the diamond and jewelry selection is diverse and unbeatable.

Diamonds Direct boasts the largest selection of GIA and EGL certified diamonds in the entire Southeast. Buying loose diamonds is often a preferred choice for engagement ring shoppers because it guarantees you the ability to choose the size, color, cut and clarity of your diamond. Many who opt for this process later select an appropriate setting or design one themselves. The benefit of Diamonds Direct Crabtree is that you can do both. With a vast selection of loose diamonds as well as engagement ring mountings and wedding bands, you can essentially customize and create your own jewelry or engagement ring.

Other Diamonds Direct reviews note the availability of other precious and semi-precious stones such as sapphires and pearls. Fashion jewelry such as pendants and bracelets are also available to peruse or purchase. Essentially, Diamonds Direct Crabtree offers a showroom with vast inventory. They also offer a “no risk” shopping experience, complete with a 30 day money back guarantee and the option to upgrade your at any time by simply paying the price difference.

If you are in the southeast area and in need of a diamond or jewelry purchase, or just have some questions, Diamond Direct offers educated staff and quality products. The Diamonds Direct reviews have noted that the stores offer excellent customer service and prices to meet any budget.  Diamonds Direct Crabtree has the potential to be your best friend in the southeast diamond market.