Diamond Size Chart - How To Read Diamonds

Diamond Size Chart – How To Read Diamonds

By: - Jewelry - September 7, 2011
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Diamonds are always sold by carat which is a unit of weight in the jewelry world. Not to be confused with a karat, which is used with measuring gold, a diamond carat actually is based on an ancient way of measuring diamonds, the carob seed. You may be wondering “how big is a carat?” Today, in the diamond industry, one carat is equal to 0.2 grams. To put it in perspective, that is approximately the weight of a normal paperclip. An easy way to answer “how big is a carat?” is to say, the weight of a paperclip.

When you think about how big is a carat, you probably can’t visualize it unless you look at a diamond size chart. A normal diamond size chart will list the smallest diamonds sold, about 0.03 carat all the way up to 20 carats. The smallest the 0.03 carat size is only about 2 millimeters in size for a round diamond, for instance. Each cut of diamond actually has a unique diamond size chart. For instance, the 1 carat round diamond measures 6.5 millimeters, but the 1 carat princess cut measures 5.5 millimeters.

The size or how many carats the diamond is will certainly affect the price of the diamond as carat is one of the four “C”s of pricing diamonds. The other “C”s are cut, clarity and color. Technically you can have a one carat diamond that is excellent in cut, clarity and color that is more expensive than a 3 carat diamond that may lack in cut clarity and color. It is all four of the “C”s that set a diamonds price. Further things that will affect the price of a diamond are the type of metal it is set in and any other stones that may be part of the setting.

As you can see from this information alone, though many people believe that carat size alone set the price of a diamond, that couldn’t be further from the truth. It takes a combination and certification of a diamond by an authorized certification company like EGL or GIA to certify the diamond based on different characteristics, only then is the price applied. Even then, when the diamond is designed and ready to sell, the seller may decide to price the diamond a bit higher based on other factors like how long certification took. It is probably best to comparison shop when looking for a diamond to purchase as you may find big differences in price for seemingly the same diamonds.