Designer Skin Tanning Lotion

Is It Really Better?

By: - Skin Care - July 14, 2011
designer skin tanning lotion is it really better

Suntanning in general is no longer considered to be as safe as we had once thought.  Yes, having beautifully brown skin, light or dark, makes us look healthy and feel good.  However, what we are now being told about sun tan lotions in general is that the protection we thought we were getting is not what we were led to believe.  So, many people are asking about the latest concept – a designer skin tanning lotion.  Of course, a designer skin lotion to give you tan without the sun is nothing new.  In Europe, tanning can be done via a safe version of the original tanning pill, which ironically, was never promoted within Europe to be a replacement for sun protection.  It was only in North America that we were led astray.  Both products being good if you can get the right one, simply bronze you either from the inside or outside and in the case of the designer version, you do this from the outside.  So, how does this work and does it really replace the horrible orange self-tanning tans of the past 3 decades?

A designer skin tanning location can give you a warm glow, leaving your skin nice and soft, but not everyone’s skin is the same.  For those with generally olive or related skin tones, you can usually get a nice brown color, but again, if you have other skin tones, have a hair color that would look odd with a heavy tan, then your results may vary, even again look orange. So, are there any other options? Well, some designer products not only include a designer skin lotion, but match up the tone and color of your natural skin and educate you on how to match this with your hair color so that you do not get the huge clash and get a color that suits you, not everyone else.  The principle ingredients being used include bronzing powder of a color that matches what you need and volcanic ashes to soften the skin.  The ratings so far are fairly good, but like everyone out there, we have yet to see every skin tone and color and hair color tested with these so-called designer tanning agents.  Admittedly, you do not get that hideous odor associated with most self-tanning lotions, and it dries rapidly so you can avoid the usual messy stains on your clothes.  Best of all, you do not have to avoid showering and you do not have to stand naked for nearly an hour before you can get on with regular life!

As many of us are now extremely concerned about skin cancer risks, the question about the safety issue surrounding the designer skin tanning lotion has to be addressed.  The answer no doubt is simple.  What new information is being shared by medical professionals is that you are not protected fully and that any protection of 30spf and above will not give you additional protection.  In addition, unless your designer skin lotion tanner contains specific ingredients to protect you from both UVA and UVB rays, the chances are that you still need an additional sun lotion protection.  Also, you should research all of the ingredients found in any designer or other product for your skin and find out if the ingredients really are as healthy as they are claimed to be.  Remember, you skin may glow with color, but if you are choosing skin color over skin protection, your risks of getting skin cancer or even toxins getting into your body through your skin to cause other cancers or illnesses will be higher.  So, we are not saying that the designer sun tan lotions are bad, but exercise caution and do your research as you would with any product.

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