Deodorant Without Aluminum

Saving Your Future Health

By: - Product Reviews - July 20, 2011
deodorant without aluminum saving your future health

Should you use a deodorant without aluminum? Is Deo without aluminum to your benefit health-wise or is it just another gimmick? The reality is that aluminum has no proven positive effect or benefit to your body.  There are many people who have allergies to aluminum and in fact there has been some medical evidence to show that aluminum may contribute towards potentially the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.  Usually, aluminum is found in anti-perspirants, but not non-antiperspirant varieties.  In fact, there much more you need to know that will make your realize that a deodorant without it is far healthier for you.

A deodorant without aluminum means that you are not subject to what is classified as a neurotoxin.  Aluminum in higher dosages can cause a barrier between the brain and blood, which can cause damage to your DNA, as well as having epigenetic affects in some people.  There has already been scientific evidence to show that aluminum found in antiperspirants can cause harm to dogs, mice and primates.  Even the FDA has recognized the absorption risks in relation to lower aluminum amounts being taken into the body via the gastrointestinal area, as well as via your skin.  Most importantly, studies done in the 90s showed an increased risk to those using aluminum based antiperspirant deodorants regarding Alzheimer’s, something that that not only brought about deo with aluminum, but the total avoidance in some countries, especially in Europe, of the use of aluminum cooking pans.   Aluminum can in fact build up over time and is not as easily discarded by the body which means the increased risk of toxic effects becomes higher with increased and continued long term use.

So, if you are considering using a deodorant with aluminum, there are many brands available.  You should also consult with your doctor about deo without aluminum as there may be other medical alternatives that are natural and require no chemicals to avoid bodily odors.  Now there is no guarantee that this will work successfully for you, but your health should take priority and as the potential health issues and diseases associated with aluminum use are so terrible, considering a switch might be your best option.

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