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To Wax Or Not To Wax

By: - Medicine - July 20, 2011
debrox ear drops to wax or not to wax

When most people think of ear drops, they picture having a painful ear infection and lots of sleepless nights.  That is where Debrox ear drops come into play, offering you a quality product that is designed to soften, even remove your earwax before you get that infection because the majority of ear infections can be caused by simply not cleaning out your ears properly and allowing wax to build up the point where bacteria is allowed to grow and rot.  So, will a Debrox ear drop work for you and what can you expect from the drops?

Debrox ear drops remove, loosen and soften excessive amounts of earwax, using a type of peroxide to make this happen.  Of course you should never use a Debrox ear drop if you have any allergies to the ingredients found in the drops, your ears are irritated or in pain, you have an ear rash/injury/discharge/drainage, you have a hole in your eardrum or it is broken, you have had ear surgery just recently, or you are having issues with dizziness.  If you have these symptoms, Debrox will not help, but could make things worse, so you should seek medical advice before using the drops.  Additionally, prior to using your drops and after consulting with your doctor, you will probably be unable to use them if you are breastfeeding, pregnant, about to get pregnant, have particular allergies, and/or use dietary supplements, herbal preparations, non-prescription medicines (some types) and/or prescription medicines (some types).  You should also consult with your pharmacist about medicine interactions as some may cause your Debrox to work less efficiently.  However, if your doctor approves of your using Debrox, you must ensure that you follow all the instructions on the label enclosed with your drops.  Remember, Debrox is for your ears alone and not to be used in your eyes or any other form of mucous membrane.  Your doctor will give you a recommended dose and how much you have to take each day and for how long.  If for some reason you miss your dose, unless you are close enough to your original dosage time, just skip the dosage and continue forward with the planned dosage schedule and routine.  Never double up on doses.

There are of course important safety factors that you should be aware of when you take a Debrox ear drop.  These include:

  • No change in your excessive earwax requires a doctors intervention
  • Never use for kids unless they are age twelve or older or your doctor has said otherwise
  • Never use whilst pregnant or even breastfeeding due the issues of proven harm to an unborn baby and young infant
  • Side effects are minor and usually rare with smaller doses, but severe reactions can include – swollen tongue, lips, face or mouth, chest tightness, breathing difficulties, itching, hives and/or rashes (Note: if you have a severe reaction you need emergency medical attention right away)

Thus Debrox ear drops are a safe way to deal with most excessive ear wax in people over age twelve.  They are very affordable and it depends on the state that you are in as to whether you will need a prescription or not.  However, they are a recommended product that works well and can help you prevent most ear infections and problems.

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