Dead Space 2 Necromorphs - Dismemberment Kills Them

Dead Space 2 Necromorphs – Dismemberment Kills Them

By: - Games - October 10, 2011
dead space 2 necromorphs %E2%80%93 dismemberment kills them

If you are a fan of the Dead Space series, you have probably heard of the Dead Space 2 Necromorphs. If you do not know what they are, the best way to describe them is the Necromorphs are re-animated corpses. They are very aggressive and will attack all other living creatures in the game. It is thought that the Necromorphs came from some sort of extraterrestrial disease or infection and as of now, in the Dead Space series, there is no cure or way to get rid of them except for dismemberment.

The Dead Space 2 Necromorphs actually come in several types and it really depends on how the host was killed as well as the location as to what type they are. Some examples of Dead Space 2 Necromorphs are Lurkers, those made of infected human infants, Brutes, made of multiple human corpses and Tripod, a three-legged Necromorph that is also likely made of multiple humans. When it comes to the Necromorphs, it is really a mystery, in game, how they work or have come about as any human who gets close enough is immediately killed and turned into one eventually. As mentioned above, the only way to kill them is by dismembering their bodies.

Dead Space 2 has many cheats. Some of the cheats for Dead Space 2 include new weapons and extra health. If you are looking for a great new weapon called the handcannon. You can only get the headcannon if you beat the game on “Hardcore”. The handcannon is an extremely powerful red foam hand. It has unlimited ammo, but is not equipped with a laser sight. You can get a plasma cutter for Dead Space 2, another weapon, if you have a saved version of Dead Space 1 on your hard drive.

Other cheats for Dead Space 2 include health. You can use the shop and the workbench to get health. Each time you buy a suit for the first time and put it on, you will get easy health boosts. Since this only works with a new suit, you will need to download several to get more than one health boost.

Still more cheats for Dead Space 2 can give you extra credits. One set of credits is called the “Teddy Bear Credits”. In chapter 3 of the game, you will come across Isaac in the Cassini Towers. In the bathroom, Isaac will freak out. After that happens, you will see dresser on the right side of the screen with a teddy bear. If you lift up that bear, you will get 1500 credits.

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