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By: - Security - May 11, 2011
cyber bullying articles

Cyber Bullies

The number of households with access to the Internet is increasing all the time. Many articles have been written of the affect this is having on everyday life of adults and their children. As a saturation point approaches and cell phone users expand beyond one hundred million, so do the opportunities for cyber bullies grow, to select more vulnerable victims. There are many sources to choose from, including photos, emails, website postings and of course, parties. Unthinking or careless behaviour or conversation can be recorded or repeated by so called friends.

Many studies have been conducted and reported in specific cyber bullying articles. The form cyber bullying takes is varied and sometimes blatant, as the perpetrators know that it difficult to trace them and the victim will not report it for fear of embarrassment.  It is happening every minute of every day and a concern is that parents are generally blissfully unaware, or could not care about their children being the targets of cyber bullies whose only wish is to create misery and desperation in other young lives. A constant ally of some parents is the excuse of either not being told, or it is all apart of growing up!

Authorities and experts, attempt to bring awareness into families, in what could be considered a related act of terrorism.  Cyber bullying articles are a means of doing so, but trying to get parents to read them and realise the seriousness of the situation is another factor. The expanding influence of social networking sites, is an easy source of information, sometimes of an intimate kind, of unsuspecting and “wannabe” recognised potential prey.

For those parents who understand the potential danger to their children and would like to provide protection against cyber bullies, there is plenty of advice and expert help available. Observation of your children can reveal a great deal and while they are these days, generally under the normal everyday pressures, a mutually trusting relationship with them will help in their being able to confide in the parent and, save much grief.

There are many means available for victims of this act and those associated with them, to learn how to recognise and take precautions against this form of attack. Reading relevant cyber bullying articles either from libraries or established sources on the Internet, will build, knowledge, awareness and aid in relating to someone who may be living a cyber nightmare.