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Cyber Bullying Facts And Affects

By: - Security - May 1, 2011
cyber bullying 2

There are probably many people who have a perception that cyber bullying is something that makes a good, scary movie. This is far removed from the truth, as any victim of a cyber bully will tell you. Why any so called normal person would take time to design and plan how to terrorise a stranger or a friend for “fun”, is probably difficult for most Internet users to comprehend.

Anyone, using the Internet to issue threats or treat another person in a negative way is a cyber bully. Anyone can be subjected to some form of bullying anywhere; whether at school or in the work place, in fact within any social group situation. This type of activity is recognised as being common with teenagers and on many occasions, a student will pretend friendship with another, to gather personal information, designed to be released by building and using a web page for embarrassment, or worse to be hurtful.

The usual targets and opportunities for cyber bullying are the chat rooms, social networking sites and instant messaging, with chat rooms being the leading source, with 45% to 57%, of all reported incidents. However, various experts have indicated, that the social networking sites will in the near future, replace chat rooms as the primary source worldwide. Estimates by various researchers, show that about 58% of fourth to eighth grade students, reported having “mean or cruel” comments made to them while on line, while 42% of those in researched, said they had been bullied.

Extensive research with students of middle school age and teenagers shows that the fastest expanding problems in the world of cyber bullying are stealing the name and password to a social networking site and using the profile of the victim to promote damaging gossip or disclosure of information. Other modus operandi available to the cyber bully are the altering of photographs for humiliation purposes, website blogs form posting hurtful and embarrassing details and the creation of on-line polls, for the purpose of damaging the individual concerned. It is not easy to capture the perpetrator; he or she is able to build a web page and remain anonymous, as it is likely it will be hosted on a server, located in another state or country. Unfortunately, the hosting company does not have the inclination to give the name or remove the page, since Internet companies in general, believe it is not their responsibility to act in policing the Internet.

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