Craftmatic Beds

Value For Money?

By: - Product Reviews - July 20, 2011
craftmatic beds value for money

Craftmatic beds generally are considered to be very good beds.  Usually the price of a Craftmatic bed is not a problem as you are paying for a good night’s sleep, as well as many other benefits that come with its particular construction.  However, before you buy one, it is important to know the pros and cons associated with these beds to ensure that it is truly the bed for you.

Craftmatic beds provide mattresses that are unique and practical.  Millions of them have been sold and the feedback has been positive, especially as some come with a heating mechanism for those who need that extra warmth during the winter.  Because a Craftmatic bed is adjustable, you can fit the mattress to suit your body’s curves, giving it the support that you personally need as you sleep, but without compromising the comfort of a person who might be sleeping alongside of you.  In fact, the position options are incredible, even helping you to elevate your feet or even your head.  Best of all, you can have the traditional cord controller or the wireless variety.  The more expensive versions have a massage feature, but all of the beds come in sizes ranging from twin to king.

So, what are the pros and cons of Craftmatic beds? Let’s look at the pros first:

  • Comfortable
  • Supportive
  • Plenty of features
  • Medically proven to help relieve circulation issues, body pains, swollen legs, tense muscles, back pains and even heartburn

Secondly, the cons of owning a Craftmatic bed:

  • Very expensive in comparison to other mattresses and futons
  • More expensive the more features you get
  • Not all features come as standard
  • Most pushed sales item if you go into any store containing them and thus you have to make a decision based on high pressure

Obviously the pros far out weight the cons of these types of beds.  Anyone can simply tell a sales person to back off and tone it down if you feel pressurized.  You should assess which features you really need versus what you want because if you have a feature that you will hardly use, the chances are that you will pay out too for something that is clearly unnecessary for you.  Most importantly, because these beds have similar features to that of hospital beds, minus the industrial appearance and odd shapes, the benefits to your health will far outweigh any issues with the price and the sales pressure.  In fact, when considering whether or not to buy your own Craftmatic, your most important criteria will simply be about getting a comfortable and comfortable sleep.  But, what should you do to ensure you get what you need and what you pay for? First, review the product catalogue and watch the online video.  Second, ensure that you can afford the bed and what payment options are available.  Third, ensure that the features are what you really need.  Fourth, take into account the space you need in your room for the bed, how much room you and/or your partner needs for sleeping with tossing and turning and what construction you and/or your partner needs because of body size and weight.  Finally, fifth, assess the pros and cons listed here and through the catalogue to make your final evaluations.  Therefore, if you do your research beforehand, the chances are that you will find the right Craftmatic for you and you will make a constructive decision without undue influence.

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