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By: - Product Reviews - June 3, 2011
cr123 batteries

CR123 batteries were primarily designed to fit into varied cameras and as such are not that difficult to come by.  The CR123a rechargeable batteries are even easier to find and last somewhat longer because you can put them into a special device to recharge and reuse.  These are very useful, but even they can wear out over time.  However, not all battery dealers may carry them or the names under which they are carried may vary.

The CR123 batteries and their equivalent CR123a rechargeable batteries are lithium style batteries that cannot be replaced by any batteries containing zinc.  The rechargeable version can be interchanged quite often with equivalent varieties, specifically those designed for the same type of use.  Though the names of these batteries are quite common, you may find them listed simply as camera batteries or under the following codes:

  • CR-123a
  • 16340
  • 17345
  • CR123
  • 123

You find it easier to trace dealers’ supplies online by entering CR17345, followed by a comma and then lithium.  Others may be searched via entering 5018LC, with the LC referring to lithium.  Primarily the versions that you can find as alternatives will give you as standard 1500 mA-h for the regular batteries and 700 mA-h for the rechargeables.  The voltage listing for the regular batteries is 3V and the rechargeable one provides 3.6V.  They are all cylindrical in shape, so there will be no confusion about what shapes are available and each one has the traditional cylindrical nub and flat ends.  Each regular battery measures about 34.5mm in length and 17mm in depth.

When you are looking for the CR123 batteries or the CR123a rechargeable batteries, try looking in your local electronics store that carries cameras.  They are normally found amongst the accessories.  However, if for some reason you have trouble getting the one you want, either try searching for the alternatives or search online and get them delivered to you.   At present, these batteries are more common now than the standard flat shaped batteries that were specific to particular camera types.  As those flat ones are being phased out, the newer round versions and rechargeables are getting substantially easier to find and the prices are dropping dramatically.

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