Coverlets For Beds

Are They Worthwhile?

By: - Interior Design - July 20, 2011
coverlets for beds are they worthwhile

What are the pros and cons of coverlets for beds? Are coverlets for bed products your best option? These questions have been asked for generations and it is important therefore to know the difference between coverlets and regular bedspreads.  As such bedspreads have been used for hundreds of years, though recent things like comforters and duvets have dominated the market more out of convenience.

Coverlets for beds are a great investment because you do not have to spend a fortune to make your bed look luxurious.  You can find inexpensive versions that are both decorative and colorful.  In fact, coverlets for bed products were once the norm, coupled with blankets and sheets for an easy to keep bed.  Comforters and duvets came about more out of convenience as there was less bedding to care for and you could easily make your bed without having to learn how to properly align sheets and ensure that your coverlet was sitting properly.  However, if you go into most hotels or bed and breakfasts, coverlets still are used in preference because they make a bed look homely, comfortable and inviting.  This is not to say that comforters and duvets cannot look good, but sometimes a huge puffy cover can in fact seem overwhelming, even make it less convenient when it comes to high or very low temperatures as the seasons change.  If you have a thick duvet or comforter, the chances are that you will kick it off when it becomes too hot and have no bedding to fall back on, or you will find that you still have to add in further blankets or get additional duvets or comforters to keep out the cold.  Frankly, that will just cost you more money.  If you get a coverlet, you can reduce and increase your bedding easily and without spending additional money on buying expensive items.  In the long run, coverlets, blankets and sheets are far cheaper than multiple duvets and comforters.

Coverlets for beds are becoming popular again, not just for looks, but the affordability.  You can get them in varied sizes, colors and materials to suit your needs and décor.  You can choose varied versions of the coverlets for bed products, opting for King Charles, jacquard, Thai silk and candlewick versions.  Many were used by your grandparents and earlier generations to keep warm and to make their rooms look inviting.  If you invest in quality sheets and blankets, you have the perfect and most affordable combination.  The only difference between traditional coverlets and modern ones is that they are made on special machines and you have a much broader selection of materials and colors.  You still get the choice of textures as your grandparents may have had, but you do not have to settle for itchy or coarse materials just to save money.

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