Corny Keg Dimensions

Calculating Storage Space For Beer

By: - Food & Beverage - September 21, 2011
corny keg dimensions calculating storage space for beer

There are a great many of you out there in beer land that appreciate all manners of storing and brewing your own beer.  There are as many questions as there are people out there who like to brew their own beer and here are some answers that you may have been pondering such as how many beers in a keg or just what are corny keg dimensions?

First of all, there are a couple of sizes that are most common when considering the corny keg dimensions.  The most common of these sizes are the five gallon and the twenty liter sizes.  The shorter corny kegs are roughly fifty-six centimeters in height, (that is about twenty-two inches high for you imperial observers) and they are again, roughly twenty-three centimeters across the top.  The higher varieties of corny keg dimensions stand at about sixty-three centimeters high and are about twenty centimeters across the top.  That is, twenty-five inches high and eight inches across.  In some places the Pepsi is the one that refers to the taller corny keg dimensions and the shorter, the so called squatter, is called the Coke, and in yet other places, they are oppositely called.   So, having said that and you want to plan your little get together with the fellows to watch some Sunday afternoon football, just how many beers in a keg?  Well the answer varies with the size of the keg that you are considering or the keg that you currently have.  A keg that holds fifty litres of beer will dole out roughly one-hundred and fourty-four glasses of beer.  A quarter keg will dispense about eighty beers, while a half keg will provide up to about one-hundred, sixty glasses of beer.  Costs may vary but the best price seems to hover about the ½ keg.

So there you have it – corny keg dimensions are there in front of you to consider for your afternoon by the lake with your friends and now you won’t have to wonder about how many beers in a keg when you make the purchase at your local brewery.  With the right dimensions and the right beer, your afternoon will never go wrong.

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