Cool Math Games Meeblings - Fun Arcade Games

Cool Math Games Meeblings – Fun Arcade Games

By: - Games - September 23, 2011
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Cool Math Games is a website with fun arcade type games that use math and physics thought processes in order to go through various levels of play. Cool Math Games Meeblings is one such game. The game has 50 levels of play as well as a level editor where you can design your own level, making it as hard or easy as you wish.

The goal of the Cool Math Games Meeblings is to help the various Meeblings, which are little yellow blobs, escape from the screen. You do this with only a simply click and hold mouse gesture, but as the levels get harder and more complicated, there will be obstacles like cliffs, fans, vacuums and even poisonous lakes. Getting the Meeblings from one part of the screen to the escape point can be hard unless you think of the screen with some form of physics. For instance, you will probably need to think about angles and trajectories in order to get your Meeblings safely to the escape point.

Cool Math Games Meeblings is very easy to play and understand, but some of the puzzles are difficult depending on how you are thinking and executing the moves. Though the early levels offer little challenge, the later levels will keep your mind thinking.

The sequel to Meeblings is Cool Math Meeblings 2. It has the same premise as the original Meeblings but reviews from people who have played it say it is a bit more challenging than the first installment. Cool Math Meeblings 2 has new puzzles, exciting new graphics and all new sounds in order to make the game unique and even more fun than the original. There are 50 levels, just as in Meeblings, but this time you have some special abilities to help you out that were not available in the first version.

Cool Math Meeblings 2 is quite fun and will help pass the time. You will also be able to learn about physics like the first one when you have to set up angles and think about how the trajectories of the Meeblings will work in order to get them to the escape point.

Both games are available for free at the Cool Math Games website and can bring hours of enjoyment. These games are fun for all ages and even smaller children will enjoy the silliness of the Meeblings as they come near and are pushed away from your character.