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Skateboarding Into Paradise

By: - Extreme - July 4, 2011
comet longboards skateboarding into paradise

Comet longboards are made by a company that is driven by environmental concern and social responsibility to provide good quality equipment for sports, especially those used in sporting arenas.   In fact, the mission of the company that makes Comet longboards is to benefit not only itself, but its employees and the community at large, whilst respecting the environment.

Comet longboards have been designed to embed corporate values with the needs of skateboarders worldwide.  Their boards have had a positive impact on the normally green minded community of skateboarders who spend the majority of their sporting time outdoors.  As such these boards are made from natural materials, aiming to ensure that the least amount of impact is made on the environment, whilst allowing boarders to enjoy custom longboards that can stand up to the test of rigorous skateboarding even in the hardest of environments and most especially during competitions.
What these longboards have achieved is avoiding the common mistake made by many skateboarding manufacturers of combining 2 very incompatible types of C2C materials in one board.  They prefer to use totally organic materials versus just putting emphasis on technically minded and sometimes synthetic materials that are not only non-biodegradable, but have to undergo processes that the company cannot endorse because of the secondary environmental impacts that can pollute the atmosphere and planet.  Instead, custom longboards undergo a special and more natural, closed-loop type process that reduces the carbon emissions of other processes.

Cuistom longboards have avoided the hybrid methods which are not easy to break down and compost.  When their skateboards reach their end of life they can be thrown out into a recycling bin or sent back to the company for recycling to be reused in similar ways to paper and more natural products.  They do not add to the already overfilled landfill sites worldwide, sites that will be overflowing with non-recyclable materials for generations.  As such, the boards are part of a huge focus on renewable energy, using certified varieties of hardwoods, water-based coatins, water-based type inks, non-formaldehyde glues and biocomposites that are renewable.  They use local supply chains versus trucking everything and further polluting the atmosphere, producing their boards on site, versus in a huge factory.  Best of all they can be used as scrap to make many other useful and biodegradable products for future generations.  As a result, boarders can ride their skateboards with clear consciences and live their lives in the best way possible, whilst contributing towards protecting their local environment.

Photo: skateboard – copyright 2007 Bengt Nyman – reproduced under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License 2.0 generic,

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