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By: - Health & Fitness - April 29, 2011

Before taking colonics, you need to be aware of the side effects if any, in addition to the advantages. A major benefit of this is that it cleans up the walls of the intestines and the food that has remained on them which is blocking the passage of minerals and water into the colon. Inadequate absorption of water in the colon results in dehydration. Since water and fluids make up the majority of the composition of our body, it is essential for water to be absorbed, or else it will result in malnourishment because all the essential minerals are absorbed in these fluids. Another advantage of using colonics is that they detect any diseases of the colon you may have and prevent further aggravation. If these diseases worsen they can be fatal for the body. The major diseases it helps protect against are severe headaches, chest ailments due to blockage of the colon, and arthritis.

When analyzing the benefits of using colonics, the drawbacks must not be overlooked. Since they cure some diseases that are not related to the colon, they may have certain side effects on other bodily organs as foreign particles are allowed to enter the body. Wounds may form and further infections may develop as a result of the use of colonics. Because of these wounds, people may have difficulty passing their feces through the colon and may have to go through immense pain. A major limitation of using colonics is that only healthy people without cardiac and rectal tumors and kidney problems can make use of them. Some people can have allergic reactions to the material used to make colonics and even to the bottle coverings that contain the fluid.

Another one of the side effects of using colonics is the intense dilution of the bodily fluids surrounding the organs, which results in imbalance in their composition and diffusion of water into the organs, especially the lungs. This is fatal for the body and may even result in death in extreme situations. You should consult a doctor before starting to use colonics to make sure that you are healthy enough and to be acquainted with the proper procedure of using them.

Before you decide on using colonics for your body, you need to properly analyze the pros and cons associated with them and be aware of any health risks involved. You need to have a thorough examination of your body done before reaching a decision. For proper advice, you need to tell the doctor about any previous medical conditions you may have had. In order to reach an informed decision on the use of colonics, you need to weigh the pros and cons and take all essential precautions.

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