Clever Halloween Costume Ideas - What%E2%80%99s Hot In 2011

Clever Halloween Costume Ideas – What’s Hot In 2011

By: - Holidays - October 4, 2011
clever halloween costume ideas %E2%80%93 what%E2%80%99s hot in 2011

As of this writing it is early October and many of us are beginning to think of 2011 Halloween costume ideas.  If you are like many people, you fall into one of two categories. The first is finding out what are the popular, funny costumes, as that is what you want to dress up in. The second group is always looking for the unique ideas and always wanting to top what they did the previous year. Clever Halloween costume ideas can be found all around you, as long as you know where to look!

2011 Halloween costume ideas are really hot right now. Popular ones this year that are new ideas include movies, politicians and of course, some scary ideas as well. Movies that have been popular throughout the year, such as Iron Man 2 and Captain America are going to be quite popular for Halloween. No matter if you are attending a Halloween party yourself or handing out candy at your home, you are bound to see many characters from both Iron Man 2 and Captain America.

Other 2011 Halloween costume ideas are quite political, especially for adults. You are sure to see the men dressing as Mitt Romney and the women putting on their best Michelle Bachman costumes, as well as other Republican Presidential nominees. You surely will also see the Obamas running around at parties as well.  Scary costumes are also quite popular and zombies are likely to be huge this year. Each year the zombie costumes seem to get more popular and more intense.

For those looking for more unique or clever Halloween costume ideas, sometimes rare is best. Many people enjoy taking every day objects and turning themselves into those objects such as a can of spam or a walking turkey leg. Both costumes can actually be made quite easily with some boxes or chicken wire and paper grocery store bags.

Other clever Halloween costume ideas are the manifestation of phrases or using puns. One such example is to be an anchorman. Most people think of an anchorman as a person delivering the news on television, but in this case, it is a ship anchor with a mustache and beard. These clever ideas can really let your imagination go wild.  Another idea in the same category is to “Face the Music”. Wear all black and paint your face white. Draw music notes or a score on your face with black paint. It is unusual and unique and guaranteed no one else at your party will have the same costume.