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By: - Product Reviews - July 20, 2011
cindy crawford bedding pros and cons

Many people are enamored by bedding with a celebrity name on them, even more so if they feel that the person whose name has been put on the label applies to beds as well.  However, choosing bedding such as Cindy Crawford bedding, or even Cindy Crawford beds, does not guarantee a product that you will be happy with.  You have to judge even these products with the same criteria as you would with any type of bedding or beds.  Simply going by a celebrity’s name is not a guarantee of good value for money, durability or a decent product in general.  So, what are customer’s really saying about these products?

Cindy Crawford bedding and Cindy Crawford beds are without a doubt very expensive compared to other brand names and other much cheaper products.  There are countless reviews by real customers online who have showed the pros and cons of these particular products under this celebrity’s name.  First, you must understand that these products are made under the celebrity’s name and are not made by the celebrity.  Two, these products do look wonderful, but there is enough feedback to suggest that the quality and value for money that customers are getting is less than they expected.  For example, a large number of customers say that the bedding and the beds look great and are very elegant.  The sheets are soft, beautiful and appear to be of the best of quality, but after only a short time of being washed, even though they fit well and are very comfortable,  after the first six months on average, the sheets begin to show wear and tear.  Some people have had holes appearing in the fabrics, colors running and eventually the quality of the materials used begin to look ragged.  Another issue with the bedding that many customers have found is that the sheets rip too easily and shrink.  As one customer pointed out, at the price being paid, most people would expect to have such high quality fabric pre-shrunk and that the dyes had been set in before being sold.  Regarding the beds, similar issues have arisen.  Though the beds appear to have better reviews given that the beds seem to use far better quality materials, some customers still find that the price in relation to the quality is still lacking.  Comfort-wise, the beds are outstanding in the beginning, but the support structure, according to some customers, begins to lessen, meaning that they are not getting the continued support that they purchased.

Cindy Crawford bedding and Cindy Crawford beds are no doubt very high end, if not because of the prices.  However, it is apparent that the prices according to many customers are reflecting the designer labeling versus the real quality being provided.  There again, there are still reviews out there that indicate that this reduced quality issue does not apply straight across the board with all of the bedding and beds under the Cindy Crawford label.  If you do want to buy some Cindy Crawford products for your bedroom, most importantly bedding and beds, read the labels carefully to see what the products are made of, the care needed and vet the quality by testing the products whilst in the store.  You can see clearly if a sheet is so thin that it will wear out quickly and you can tell if the structure of a bed looks good, but is not as good as it appears.  With beds, check the joints, the type of wood or metal used, the connections that support the mattress area and ensure that you try the bed to see if it remains solid when moving around quickly and aggressively.  Most importantly, if you want quality bedding, do your research into varied products from other brands to see what the differences are and find out online what customers are saying about each what to vet which is your best choice.

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  1. Jay Blank

    I have purchased two (2) Cindy Crawford comforters, Queen-sized Seascape design. The first comforter only had 1 stitch in the whole comforter, and the batting inside rolled up and separated inside the comforter cover. Of course by the time this happened, Seascape was an older pattern and no longer being sold in stores.

    I was able to find another Seascape comforter and purchased it from an individual. It was brand new, never used, still in the original packaging. I was told by a friend who had purchased the same comforter, but in King sized, that she had washed and dried her comforter at home, several times with no problems. Since the second comforter I purchased had all the stitching in place, I washed my comforter last night in the washer and dried it in the dryer. WHAT A MESS!!

    The batting pulled and separated in one corner of the comforter, and was in a big puffy wad. I had to open a side seam and try to flatten out the batting. I was able to do this, but there are holes in the batting, and it is thinner in some places than in others. I will be have to be very careful with the comforter, as I don’t know if it will withstand another washing or not. I am wondering if dry-cleaning will be better or if it’s just bad quality.

    When you design an entire bedroom around a comforter, pillow shams, curtains, dust ruffle, and decorative pillows, replacing the comforter with any other comforter is just not an option. The colors and designs of the Cindy Crawford brand are beautiful! I love the Coronado pattern, but I am afraid to purchase it because of the trouble I have had with Seascape. The company needs to spend some time, money and effort determining how to correct these issues instead of continuing to charge a fortune for bad quality product.