Christian Publishing Companies - Many Options

Christian Publishing Companies – Many Options

By: - Spirituality - October 13, 2011
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There are many Christian publishing companies out there that specifically focus on Christian books and other Christian centered items. Some of the most well known companies that publish Christian materials are Bethany House, Tyndale House and Tate Publishing Enterprises, LLC.  Out of all of these, Bethany House has been around for over 50 years, the longest. They have made a huge market out of historical fiction that have Christian based values spread throughout each book. Typically many of them are set in the western US in the 1800s. They also have many books set in modern times, but with Amish or Mennonite themes.

Tyndale House, another of the top Christian publishing companies, is best known for publishing Bibles as well as versions of the Bible, such as “The Living Bible” and the “Epistles”. In fact, the publishing house was started in 1962 as a way for Kenneth N. Taylor, the founder, to publish his version of the “Epistles”. In 1996, Tyndale House released a whole new translation of the Bible known as the New Living Translation.  Out of all the publications from Tyndale House, however, they are most well known for the “Left Behind” series of books.

Tate Publishing Enterprises, LLC is also one of the well known Christian publishing companies and is very much all over the map, publishing any type of Christian fiction and non-fiction as well as movies and music. Joe Washington and Shane Hamman are their most well known writers.

Any time you may think of Christian publishing, you may be wondering how you can get free Christian books by mail. There are a few ways to do this actually. One way is to use a website called For this free book, they will send you any free book that is Christian literature, but you will need to write a detailed review in return. For many people, that is a wonderful deal! Another way to get free Christian books by mail is to participate is surveys or polls, such as at the site There are also contests through some of the publishing companies listed above that will yield free Christian books by mail if you are the lucky recipient or contest winner.

You can also find a large selection of Christian books for free at your local library or many free Christian e-books on the internet. The more you read, the more you can understand and grow in this religion.