Christening Invitation Wording And Finding Good Christening Gown Patterns

By: - Spirituality - September 13, 2011
christening invitation wording and finding good christening gown patterns

The time has come and your little one is going before family and friends, even members of your church to be brought into your Christian community.  Sometimes, this special thing called Christening involves a lot more than just a basic baptism, but a series of events, even a party after to honour the new status of a family’s latest member.  That is why when sending out invitations to guests, the Christening invitation wording is as essentially important as the Christening gown patterns.  But how can you choose wisely and tastefully?

The Christening invitation wording needs to be kept simple.  It should introduce the person to be baptized as a new member of the community, the family that is bringing in this new member, as well as where, when, and at what time the events will be taking place.  Given that many Christenings are more formal occasions, it is not uncommon for many invitations to select a dress code for the events.  In Europe and other older countries, as well as more traditional families, the Christening gown patterns are not an issue as usually some fabric left over from the making of the mother’s wedding dress is used to make the gown.  In some cultures, the gown is in fact made at the same time as the dress and packed carefully and kept safe for years until a new child enters the family.  As such the invitation should have the name of the child, the date of their birth, the names of the proud parents, the names of the God parents and any other important people set to represent the child before God, the location that the Christening will take place, the time it will place, where the reception after will be held, from what times the Christening will be held, the address and any contact information.  Most importantly, the invitation will have the names of the people who are being invited, specific to that particular invitation.  This is more commonly followed with an ‘RSVP’.

If you find that you have to pick out Christening gown patterns, even though you have already mastered the Christening invitation wording, help is at hand.  Many stores that carry bridal gown materials are a good place to start.  The reason for this is that the pattern and fabric has to be the kindest to the baby’s skin, but also stand out as a sign of purity.  These fabrics can range from a variety of whites and creams, to include sequins and even pearls.  Really, the bottom line is that it is really down to how much you want to spend and how traditional you want this event to be.  Remember, there is no right or wrong way for a Christening, just what suits your person beliefs and tastes.

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