Chinese Astrology Compatibility And Astrological Love

By: - Psychology - September 29, 2011
chinese astrology compatibility and astrological love

One of the most fascinating and well-studied ancient civilizations whose impact lingers on today is the science behind Chinese astrology compatibility.  The quest to find the perfect mate or one that is as close as one could possibly imagine has evolved into the discovery of love through the astrological love compatibility test.

The Chinese astrology compatibility is based on the studies of ancient astrology, which predate the modern version of astrology.  Its influence lingers on today, in which millions of people the worldwide follow the prophesying of Chinese astrology.  The Chinese astrological calendar is structured around lunar cycle of twelve years.  Ancient legend has it that Buddha selected twelve different animals to represent each of these twelve lunar years with each animal exhibiting the various characteristics synonymous with each lunar cycle.  It is in these characteristics displayed by each of the twelve animals, the rat, the pig, the ox, dog, tiger, rooster, rabbit, monkey, dragon, goat, snake and horse that the Chinese astrology compatibility chart evolved in which the characteristics of each animal in relation to its position among the stars were matched with the compatibility of the characteristics of the other animals.

In western astrology too, astrological love compatibility features strong in the reasons why people are looking for love among the stars.  Parallel to the beliefs of the ancient Chinese, the various characteristics of the astrological signs are matched in terms of compatibility each to the other in relation to their place in the celestial system.  People all over the world are seeking the advice of Chinese astrology compatibility and astrological love compatibility to find their mates in the stars.  Answers to many questions are posited to those that interpret the stars within the universe in addition to finding the love match.  Everything from business dealings to personal fortunes are bandied about but nothing more so than those seeking answers to who their idea mates would be, predicated on the characteristics of astrological signs as found in Chinese astrological compatibility and western astrological love compatibility.  So, no matter what the question, you can, in theory, find your answer and your love in the stars through the eyes of ancient Chinese astrologers and the discipline of astrology as we know it today.

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