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By: - Landscaping - July 5, 2011
chiminea home depot outdoor heating beauty

Finally, the winter snows have melted away and you’ve cleaned up the debris off of your patio.  The season for the barbeque is here once again and you’re thinking of what to do to get that great barbeque while maintaining that rustic aesthetic appeal.  Why not consider getting a Chiminea (Home Depot) and getting a Chiminea in your patio?  This item, while not widespread and well known can give you that badly needed look and suit your purposes for warmth and barbequing at the same time.

So just what exactly is a Chiminea (Home Depot) anyway?  Well, according to Chiminea (Home Depot) reviews of this amazing product, the chiminea is styled on the Mexican version of a traditional fireplace, and they have a dual purpose ideal for the patio this summer and for the late summer, early fall as well.  They can also be utilized for both cooking and as patio heaterl.  The first Chimineas made by the Mexican people were made of clay but with the dawn of the modern age and technology, we’ve taken an old idea and improved on it.  You can now purchase a modern version of the old Chiminea in either cast iron or in aluminium.  Of course, this isn’t to say that the clay versions have no use!  As they are as equally effective as their metallic counterparts, the rustic look would further compliment the Tuscan appearance in your garden.

If you’re thinking that the Chiminea would make a great fireplace within your home, the Chiminea (Home Depot) reviews say to please be advised that it just won’t be.  The Chiminea (Home Depot) reviews say that this isn’t recommended to have your Chiminea indoors, after all, they can reach extremely high temperatures.  To have a Chiminea in your house is equivalent to having a bar-b-que in your living room.  It has a tall chimney that vents smoke that would fill your room in a snap and potentially cause severe smoke inhalation issues as well as potential fire hazards.  As clay has a shorter life span than their metal alternates and will break down after a couple of seasons, you may wish to purchase either the aluminium or cast iron rather than clay.  Lets admit, clay does have a better aesthetic appeal than that of metal but it won’t last as long as you’d like, even if you’re only planning on using it for looks and not for its actual purpose.

So when the sun goes down and the evening air becomes a little chillier, rather than retreat to the indoors, the Chiminea (Home Depot) has an excellent,  ideal solution for keeping the family together, outdoors, and warm in the glow of a hot fire with beverages, and marshmallows – the Chiminea!

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