Chilis Nutrition Facts And Asparagus Nutrition

By: - Nutrition - September 29, 2011
chilis nutrition facts and asparagus nutrition

Spices are a primary ingredient contained in many meals.  Not only are they a tasty and zesty ingredient to give your meal that added pep, but have you considered the chilis nutrition facts or the asparagus nutrition facts?  Perhaps if you have an aversion to those hot peppers, or you find that the asparagus just doesn’t have what you prefer in a vegetable, consider the following facts about these two.

We can thank the Spanish and the Portuguese, whose explorers crossed paths with the peoples of the central American countries who used the legendary chili pepper for millennia in their foods.  The popularity of the great zesty chili isn’t limited to their taste, but it is identified for the chilis nutrition facts too.  What are the chilis nutrition facts?  They have huge levels of minerals and vitamins and when I mention high levels, check out the figures for yourself.

  • Ascorbic acid, also known as vitamin C, 240%
  • Pyridoxine, or Vitamin b6, 39%
  • Vitamin A, 32%
  • Copper, 14%
  • Iron,  13%
  • Potassium, 7%.

In addition to giving the immune system a huge boost, the acidic properties chew through cholesterol within the veins and protects against such diseases as scurvy and other radicals. Now that you’ve finished up your chili peppers, what are the asparagus nutrition facts?  As a favorite of the ancient Greeks, it is known as one of the most ancient of vegetables in the ancient world and while it isn’t entirely known exactly where it came from, it is believed to have originated in the Mediterranean and Asia Minor.  So what are the asparagus nutrition facts?  These amazing little vegetables are filled to double digit capacity in everything from minerals, electrolytes and vitamins which are known disease fighting agents as well as possessing those of cleansing properties.  If every vitamin, mineral, electrolyte and iron property were listed, it would be quite extensive, however, the main properties are that they are loaded with Vitamins, Riboflavin, calcium and Iron.  Most important of all, with melted butter they are quite delicious.

Essentially, the basic chili pepper nutrition facts and that of the asparagus nutrition facts suggest that a plate without these two delicious and primary ingredients is a plate sorely wanting.  A diet with these two ingredients is a healthy diet loaded with disease fighting agents and vitamins to ensure a continued health.

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