Chicken Coop Designs

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By: - Hobbies - May 26, 2011
chicken coop designs

There are many types of chicken coop designs which can be built from countless chicken coop plans that you can find online.  Quite often the idea of using such plans is far more appealing than trying to build a coop ad hoc.  Most people prefer a coop with a green coloured roof, partially no doubt because of the movement towards being more green.  In fact, some people use the green roof idea to add an additional plot to their gardens for growing vegetables and herbs.

If you want to find chicken coop plans that incorporate a green roof, you will save yourself lots of money.  However, such plans are usually not as cheap as the basic chicken coop designs because they require more materials and special liners to prevent the damp and moisture from leaking into the coop.

The fact is that a worthwhile and long lasting coop built from online plans saves you money and time because you build it yourself and can provide materials at a fraction of the cost.  Some design plans even come with kits with pre-fabricated parts that make building a coop even easier.  If you have a small property, even a small backyard, using these kits might not work well as many are quite large and built for farms and other larger properties.  However, if you pick out the right plans for your chicken coop, you can alter them to suit your needs.  Ideally, you can design your own plans to suit the space that you have.  You could build up, versus out and have multiple levels for your chickens, but you need to incorporate certain aspects to your plans regardless.

Your first step in building a chicken coop is to visualize the final coop, where you will put it and what methods of security you will provide.  Key elements have to be accounted for, but the main two parts include the run and the coop.  The run is normally a wired pen with grass for the chickens to run around in and get their exercise, usually being four times bigger than the coop.  However, your run must match your chickens’ size, allowing for about ten feet for each bird to optimize their egg production and health.  Your coop’s interior has two main features, a nesting place with boxes filled with hay for laying eggs and a place where you feed them.  Most importantly, your coop has to be well ventilated, using vents and special windows to allow CO2 to escape and fresh air to come in.  Also, consider a small door for the birds to come and go from to the coop to the run and a big one for you to collect your eggs and keep the coup clean or carry on other tasks.

There are countless sites online that provide chicken coop designs through affordable and workable chicken coop plans.  Shop around before buying a plan and ensure that the plan you choose matches the birds you will keep and the space that you will keep them in, as well as conforming to any rural or urban by-laws.

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