Chichen Itza Facts - Historical City Modern Ruins

Chichen Itza Facts – Historical City, Modern Ruins

By: - History - September 28, 2011
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Chichen Itza is the modern site of an ancient city located on the Yucatan Peninsula of modern day Mexico.  Built by the Mayan people 100s of years before the Europeans even knew the New World existed, the city was a thriving metropolis full of 1000s. The people who lived there were entirely self contained and the design of this great city still enthrall people today.

There are many interesting and unique Chichen Itza facts that many, unless you have studied or visited the site, would never know. One such fact about Chichen Itza is divided up into three or four, depending on who you ask, sections. The most famous is the Great North Platform. If you know anything about Mayan civilization facts, you will know that their religion was extremely important to them. They had several temples and places of worship in the city, including the great Kukulkan Pyramid, also known as El Castillo, the most famous Mayan pyramid in the world.

Other Chichen Itza facts stem from recreation. Though there were not many games or sports known, the one that is known was a Mayan ballgame. This is important to Chichen Itza because there is a huge ball court in the city that is maintained and recognized for what it is today. One of the great Mayan civilization facts is that much of their recreation was centered on this ball game. Seemingly a mix of basketball and racquetball without a racquet, the object of the game, from what is known from historical records was to get the ball into a series of vertical hoops built into the walls. One of the spookier Mayan civilization facts involves the losing team of this ball game. They were tied up and rolled down the stairs of pyramids, temples and city streets.

If you are interested in the Mayan calendar, many Chichen Itza facts stem from that as well. Scientists and archeologists believe that the Mayan calendar is based on astronomy and in Chichen Itza there is a large observatory. It is thought many measurements and finalities for the famed Mayan calendar were done right in the city of Chichen Itza. The observatory is still standing at Chichen Itza and you can see how the doors and windows were designed to line up with astrological events.

If you ever have a chance to visit the Yucatan Peninsula, you should definitely check out Chichen Itza. It is certainly an interesting and informative trip.