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By: - Health & Fitness - May 5, 2011
chia seed

Recently, you may have noticed that people are taking more care with their lifestyle and eating habits. In preventing disease, you can eat useful foods like the Chia seed, to boost the response of your immune system. Many diseases are related to improper diet, including those that involve the brain and heart.

Many people have their own idea of the healthiest diet, and one super food is Chia seed. This seed has superlative structural and nutritive benefits. Most people may have only heard of the seed as part of the line of Chia Pets ™, which are clay animals sold with Chia seeds that sprout over their body like hair. But this seed is much more important than that. Chia seeds health benefits include endurance, energy, and the ability to slow your body’s converting of food into carbohydrates.

You can mix Chia seeds by the spoonful in water, and leave it sit for a half hour, and the gelatin it forms is duplicated in the stomach when you eat Chia seeds. Forming a barrier between the carbohydrates you eat and the enzymes responsible for breaking them down helps your body use the carbohydrates instead of converting them into sugars. This shows that Chia seeds health benefits are great for people with diabetes, but the gel also allows any person’s body to use carbohydrates before they are converted into sugar.

The Chia seed also has the ability to absorb over twelve times its own weight when mixed with water. This allows it to keep your body hydrated for longer periods of time. Electrolytes and fluids are important for your body, providing the environment that will support your cells. When you eat Chia seeds, your body retains moisture, and more efficiently regulates the way your body absorbs fluids and nutrients.

Chia seeds also provide protein and calcium for your body’s tissues. They are rich in boron, as well, which helps your body to utilize calcium. They are easily digested, even if you swallow them whole. This makes them more worthwhile to eat than flax seeds, which need to be ground in order to be properly digested.

Chia seeds are highly concentrated, too. Per volume, their value as a food is amazing. You don’t need to eat a lot to fill your body up. They have a mild flavor, unlike some other types of seeds. This means you can put them in pudding, bread, smoothies or sauces. They will add nutrition without adding much to the taste.

If you are looking to enhance your energy, the Chia seed can help you. In athletic activities that involve endurance, they will help to keep you going. They can also replace fat in many types of recipes you may be fond of. They are nutritional additions to spreads, salad dressings, ice cream and fruit shakes. You can also add them to water or juice, and simply drink them.

Another of the Chia seeds health benefits is its ability to help you trim and slim yourself down. They fill you up, so you won’t eat fatty foods, and they bulk your body up and then clean out the older food residues in your digestive tract.

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