Chia Seed Benefits

The Pros And Cons

By: - Alternative Medicine - August 25, 2011
chia seed benefits the pros and cons

There are a lot of people in the world today that are endeavouring to maintain a healthy body through various means such as regular exercise, watching what they eat, food volumes, vitamin supplements and diet.  Through the study of diet a lot of traditional methods to healthy living are also on the proverbial plate, so-to-speak and one of them is the Chia seed.  What some of the Chia seed benefits are, are listed below and to every positive there is a negative, so moderation has to be considered as there are Chia seed side effects.

First, let us consider the many Chia seed benefits that your body can profit from.  Chia seeds will promote a good health in the heart and provide you with that extra energy that you may find lacks throughout the day.  Perhaps it is known as an anti aging seed because it provides a reduction in the pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis and a better blood flow. For the more serious issues like gastro intestinal issues it is a great way to keep the bowels healthy and especially for women it is great for prenatal health, a reduction in the symptoms associated with menopause and prenatal health too.  Feeling great, which the Chia seeds benefits are said to promote also makes us feel a better mental health which makes life a lot rosier, so as said, the benefits are abundant.  The amazing secret to the success of this interesting little seed is the fact that it has a very high level of omega 3 fatty acid.  This has an approximate range of about sixty percent of the value of the seed.  Known as the essential material for the construction and maintenance of the body, this vital element is a must for the body for the formation and function of membrane material.

While the excellence of the Chia seed benefits cannot be refuted, there are some Chia seed side effects that you should be aware of.  As mentioned before, the Chia seed will reduce blood pressure.  This is great but for those whose existing blood pressure is already low to the point of having to undergo medication to counter it, the chia seed is not such an ideal nutrient to consume in light of this.  As the Chia seed has vitamin b-17 element in it so if you’re already taking a supplement of vitamin b-17 it isn’t recommended that you eat much of these seeds at all as it may cause an over abundance of the vitamin and some unanticipated and unwanted symptoms.  As it has an addictive value, those with existing heart issues should consult with their doctors or dieticians first before consuming a lot of these.  A lot of people will have the sensation that their bodies have retained a lot of water which in fact  is the case as it has been demonstrated that the chia seeds can hold fifty times its value in water.  Seen as an excellent manner by which the body can retain moisture in especially hot, arid conditions, but provide a sense of bloating as well.

So, as with a lot of other fantastic, natural supplements to help you stay healthy, the Chia seeds benefits are fantastic, but remember that an over indulgence or failure to consider the Chia seeds side effects in relation to your own existing health issues may have some bad results.  Consult your physician or your dietician before consuming any of these if you are considering them into your diet.

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