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By: - Product Reviews - August 2, 2011
checkered vans making your world a better place

Oh, for the perfect shoe to train in and keep those feet from falling apart as you round the final corner of your ten mile stretch, running on probably nothing more than bowls of jelly for legs.  Yes, but if you had those checkered vans, those ideal shoe, namely the vans authentic lo pro trainer shoes designed for women, you probably would have arrived at your destination already and not kept your date waiting.  Whatever your style, even the pink vans would have been an ideal treat.

Checkered vans are just another type of vans shoes which have take time to break in, but once you have them conforming to the shape of your foot, the whole experience is that of feeling and looking great.  If you are really into marathon or long distance running, the vans authentic lo pro trainer shoes may be your better bet, coming in a variety of colors and styles to suit even the fussiest of shoe wearers.  In fact, one of the best parts about wearing these shoes is the colors.  Imagine for a minute a pair of pink vans, matching with a casual skirt and nice blouse, ideal for a gentle walk along the beach in the summer, or just right to slip into when you have to quickly go out to the store and really do not want to fiddle around with stuffy laces or rocket engineered buckles.  The key to these shoes is by far their simplicity.  Known in North America as pumps and in Europe as plimsoles, these van shoes look great with most outfits.  Unfortunately there are some drawbacks to buying them.  So, let us look at this issue closer and evaluate whether or not owning van shoes is really worth doing, worth saving for or simply worth splashing out for.

Checkered vans, just like the pink vans and even the vans authentic lo pro can be much more expensive than running into your local Chinatown to find the equivalent, plimsoles that have been used by the Chinese and people of Asia for generations.  However, what makes the expense of these shoes worth considering is that the value for money is very good.  The quality of the product is high, meaning that like the plimsoles from the old days from Asia, the canvas is so durable that the shoes last for years.  You can throw them in the wash and just pull them out to dry and you have completely clean shoes.  You may have to soak them in cold water and salt if you get the darker colors to ensure that the dyes do not run, but the effort of forking out $60 for shoes that last cannot be underestimated.  What more could you ask for than such amazing shoes, plimsoles, or whatever you choose to call them – vans.

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