Cheap Uniform Scrubs - Find The Best Price

Cheap Uniform Scrubs – Find The Best Price

By: - Careers - October 19, 2011
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There are many types of careers that require uniform scrubs, mostly in the medical field. Usually you will need many sets of scrubs on hand for work and you will also want to keep new scrubs regularly coming into your home since they tend to wear out pretty quickly. Since you will likely have to buy scrubs often, you probably will want to know where to get cheap uniform scrubs as to not waste money. If you want discount uniform scrubs, there are several places you can look.

Buying online is one of the best ways to get cheap uniform scrubs. Not only are they usually cheaper than buying in the store or in a catalogue, you can probably get sets, which isn’t always possible elsewhere. You can also do comparison shopping which also may not be possible in stores or in catalogues. Always check out and

Another way that you can find discount uniform scrubs is to buy them at second hand stores. A lot of times hospitals will donate old scrubs or you will find cheap uniform scrubs that may be discounted and donated to second hand stores that were made incorrectly, such as with uneven seams. They are still wearable and totally normal with the exception of those visual inconsistencies.

Another way to find discount uniform scrubs is to hit yard sales or garage sales. Since there are so many people who are in the medical field or use scrubs in other careers, the odds are good that you will find scrubs at one or more of them. If you can find yard sales that are put on by a residential development or by an apartment complex, those may be your best bets for scrubs since so many people will be selling items.

Flea markets are another place that are great for buying cheap scrubs. Usually, if the flea market is large enough, you will find a stand or booth that sells them at a discount. You may also be able to get them at your place of employment for a discount as well. Sometimes employers will have an account of some kind with scrub suppliers. With these accounts, they may be able to offer discounts to their employees.

The average price for a set of scrubs in the US is about $20, so if you can find the shirt and pants cheaper, you are doing well in finding something cheap!