Cheap Toddler Beds

Finding A Suitable Deal

By: - Interior Design - July 20, 2011
cheap toddler beds finding a suitable deal

Cheap toddler beds may seem like a good idea and there are plenty of cheap toddler kid beds to choose from, but you need to ensure that they are safe.  Usually they can cost a bit more than the average bed, or they may be pre-used, so you have to ensure that they are clean and sanitary for further use.  If you look carefully and do your research, you can find such beds for discounted prices and still get ones that pass safety codes and are new.  However, if you prefer to settle for secondhand, please consider the condition of the bed and if there have been any issues with bed bugs with the previous owner’s home.

The new type of cheap toddler beds come in many fun formats from famous television characters to superheroes.  Some look like cars and others are like other child toys.  Many manufacturers offers substantial discounts if you buy directly from their websites or choose products that are end-of-the-line items.  Another source for cheap toddler kid beds includes online and regular warehouses for bedding and beds.  Many of them hold seasonal based sales that give you substantial deals to make it cheaper to buy a bed for your toddler.  However, you should ensure that the bed that you choose is safe before buying one, whether or not they are brand new or secondhand.  The criteria that should follow before making such a purchase includes:

  • Sturdiness
  • Strength
  • Your toddler’s weight
  • The ability of the bed to remain strong and sturdy in relation to your toddler either jumping or playing on the bed
  • Use of non-toxic materials, glues, paints and other things in the construction

If you want to get the cheapest form of cheap toddler beds, going secondhand is a potential option.  You can find these through online auction, secondhand bed/bedding and local ad websites, as well as local secondhand stores.  However, your most important issues with secondhand cheap toddler kid beds has to be addressing if the potential bed is clean, bug-free, undamaged or worn down to the point of not lasting long or being safe due to general wear and tear or lack of care.  Additionally, you should follow similar criteria to buying a new one, as well as understanding the following things:

  • You should be able to return the bed if there is a problem and get your money back
  • You must be allowed to inspect and test the potential bed thoroughly without interference
  • You do have the right to say, ‘not interested’
  • You do not have to pay money in advance or a deposit until you have agreed to make a final purchase
  • You do have the right to have the details of the seller in case of issues with the bed

Most importantly, whether or not you buy a brand new or secondhand bed for your toddler, given the worldwide issues with things such as bed bugs, you should get the product heat treated prior to bringing it into your home to ensure that you do not bring home any unwanted little guests.  Additionally, when choosing such a bed, giving your toddler some input into the bed’s design and appearance is important.  Remember, that a bed for a toddler is very different in appearance and size from a regular bed, so it is something that your toddler has to feel happy with, comfortable in and safe with.

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