Charter Schools In Houston

A Story Of Success

By: - Education - July 7, 2011
charter schools in houston a story of success

Recent assessments done by federal authorities regarding the performances of schools across the United States has brought out yet more positive statements about charter schools within the public school system.  As with those found in LA, the charter schools in Houston offer a reform idea to get failing public schools back on track, once of course the teachers’ unions can be convinced that they will not lose out as a result.  However, unlike the charter schools in LA, the Houston charter schools are found with a public system that has been developing well over the years, with a general performance that far exceeds that of the schools in LA.  Of course there are some schools that need improving, but generally, the charter schools and average public schools in the city are working in tandem to better education for kids.

Charter schools in Houston have continued to bring in high performers, teachers that ensure and support kids in every aspect of their academic learning.  However, what has come out is that the Houston charter schools appear to be used as a fixation device to pick up the slack for what may not be occurring within kids’ homes.  It is not big surprise that some parents see the charter schools as a means to an end to fix issues that are only fixable through tackling home situations.  Ironically, the reform needed to handle this is no different from any school public system or private system throughout the centuries – parents and teachers need to work together to combat issues about learning and behavior in society regarding kids.

The reviews coming back about charter schools in Houston speak for themselves.  Kids and parents are writing in and posting comments all over the Internet.  Teachers are listed as being understanding, providing the one on one approach that teachers in the unionized section were once able to provide until class sizes and additional issues were thrust at them.  Teachers in the charter schools are producing happy kids whose gratitude is profound, expressing themselves by thanking teachers online about their improvements and achievements.  Unfortunately, there are still some parents and teachers whose view of the charter schools is that of misinformed ignorance.  Some are seeing them as a place to send no normal kids, pregnant teenagers, juvenile delinquents and those with severe learning or physical disabilities.  Unfortunately, the age old prejudices have not changed and it is something that is greatly hindering the inevitable expansion of the charter schools, not just the Houston charter schools.  However, as charter schools across the city and country expand their campaign to keep people informed about what they do and why, as well as promoting their performance levels, many people, even unionized teachers will begin to see the benefits of the charter school system, finally conceding to adopt some of their methods to further improve on their own.  Realistically, the benefits to both sides sharing their best efforts and experiences will go a long way to improve education across the board.

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