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By: - College and University - July 7, 2011
chapman university reviews learning the truth

Chapman University began its distinguished history in Orange, California  on March 4, 1861.  According to the Chapman University reviews, it was originally founded under the name Hesperian College, and as such began its history by creating history, in that it amalgamated  both genders and incorporated all racial back grounds.  Set in a staunchly conservative era, this was a monumental step that ran counter to many at the time. Finally, Hesperian College was incorporated into the California Christian College in 1920.  Thereafter named as Chapman University after one of the chairman of the board of trustees, it is now known as the biggest private university in the whole of Orange County, California.   What makes Chapman University so well established and membership within its ranks as so valuable is the fact that according to the Chapman University reviews, the sum of this unique university is  made up of four different schools and likewise, four different Colleges into one.  They are, the Argyros School of Business and economics, the School of Education,  the Schmid College of Science, the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, the College of Performing Arts, the School of Law, and the Wilkinson College of Humanities and the Social Sciences and University College.

According to the Chapman University Review, there are a myriad of opportunities for academic excellence within Chapman University.  You can obtain degrees in several disciplines such as the Juris Doctor of Law, Masters of Arts within the disciplines of educational psychology, film studies, special education, English, psychology, and school counseling, just to name a few.  For a complete listing of the many courses offered  through Chapman University, the Chapman University review recommends that  a telephone call, email or a visit to the academic counseling offices will provide you with a large enlightenment on a comprehensive list of available courses and degree  programs offered.

All in all, the Chapman University Review says that Chapman University currently co produces a television program entitled ‘the OC channel’ in league with KOCE, and it also offers graduate majors in 17 disciplines and undergraduate diplomas in 46 areas of study and of those, several of the programs offering degrees list specialization as an option.

With all of the four colleges and four schools of academic excellence combined into a university with established historical foundations in the United States of America, the Chapman University reviews fully endorses and recommends this school as a great step forward in the careers of all of its students and the advancement of humanity in all of the disciplines and sciences.

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