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– Using Them For Meditation

By: - Yoga - May 26, 2011
chakras for beginners

Chakras are energy centers that reside in various parts of your body.  They radiate from the bottom of your spine, its top and your head’s top.  Literally, chakra translates from Sanskrit to mean disc or wheel.  In fact, there are seven main chakras that spin in circular motions lightly in specific areas of your body.  Each one has its own function, element, stone and colour.  If you can learn to tune into that energy by using your varied chakras, you eventually can start embracing your whole being, both physically and spiritually.

The chakras for beginners that you can use for chakra meditation include the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, 3rd eye and crown.  Here are the characteristics for each one:

  • Root – hematite, bloodstone and ruby stones; earth element; and dealing with the adrenal glands association with your fight or flight responses or instincts.  The red root chakra opens up giving you a belonging feeling, a place that is happy and something we all deserve.  It helps you to focus on your basic needs for a sense of balance – water, shelter and food.
  • Sacral – onyx, tiger’s eye and carnelian stones; water element; and dealing with the ovaries and testicles association with your sexual development.  The yellow sacral chakra opens up giving you abundant feelings related to sexuality, pleasure and sexual health.  It balances the flow of your emotions through your daily life, helping you to deal with each one in its turn with ease, knowing they are fluid and will eventually pass.
  • Solar plexus – amber, citrine and topaz stones; fire element; and dealing with your pancreas to aid in controlled and balanced digestion.  The yellow solar chakra is very bright, giving you a personal feeling of power, centering your feeling of who you are and helping you to act autonomously.  It gives you a worthy feeling about all that you get from life, making you understand that you can realize your dreams because your dreams live inside of you and are very much alive.  It helps you to conquer your goals and dreams with renewed strength.
  • Throat – aquamarine, blue agate and turquoise stones; sound element; and deals with your thyroids control over your metabolism.  The blue throat chakra helps you to maintain honesty within your life, governing your genuine communications so you can share your perspective on life freely with others.  It assists you in learning to choose your words carefully to speak the truth and to assess before you speak what effects your words will have on your life and others.  It teaches you to be respectful of your true self whilst considering the impact your words may have outside of yourself.
  • Heart – ruby, rose and emerald stones; air element; and deals with your chest, associated with your ability to love others.  The green heart chakra sits in the center of your chest, helping you to give and receive love with compassion and warmth in a balanced way towards our family, friends and others.
  • 3rd eye – lapis lazuli, tanzanite and sapphire stones; light element; and deals with your pituitary gland’s association with your hormones and growth.  The violet 3rd eye chakra sits on your forehead, just between and slightly higher than your eyebrows.  It provides you with another means of seeing, an inner eye or so to speak.  It helps you focus on making good decisions by finding guidance that might not be found with your other senses.  You can learn to find most answers from within yourself, accepting your pure wisdom and inner knowledge, tapping into your more spiritual side.
  • Crown – alexandrite and amethyst stones; thought element; and deals with your pineal gland’s association with regulating your natural bodily rhythms.  The brilliant white crown chakra radiates from the top of your head, glowing and extending rays into the world outside of us.  It helps to ground you, making your accept worldly changes without worry or concern.  From this you develop honest and balanced self-love, which radiates from you, making it easy for you to love others purely.  It allows you to share pure love and share the pure love given to you by others.

To use the chakras for beginners for chakra meditation, you need to sit upright, keeping your spine lined up with the earth’s core.  By envisioning spiraling energy reaching into your core, you will experience this the infusion of spiritual matter in your body from above, as well as another spiraling energy coming from beneath you, creating your magnetic, spiritual poles.  Throughout your meditation, you take deep breaths, forcing your body down gently towards your spine’s base, starting at the first of the chakras.  You focus on each chakra one by one, working up towards your crown. You will feel a sense of well-being and lightness, where no sounds and no troubles of the worlds can bother you.  Any issues that you needed to resolve will have new-found answers and you will end the meditation with a renewed sense of peace, well-being, happiness, energy and positive purpose.

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