Cancer Ribbon Tattoos

By: - Disease & Illness - August 30, 2011
cancer ribbon tattoos

One of the most feared diseases in the world today is cancer.  In the year 2000 alone, every form of cancer was responsible for more than fifty-six million deaths in the world.  These staggering and frightening statistics are forecast to increase by a horrifying fifty percent by the year 2020.  There is a very large movement as a result across the world today that involves a demonstration of support in the form of  the ribbon, but more recently another form of cancer support is coming now in cancer ribbon tattoos and cancer awareness tattoos.

As many forms of cancer affect the global population, the drive for funding into research and development for cancer cures and education campaigns has naturally escalated as well.  Of all of the movements for the procurement of funds through the international, national, state and local levels, the final drive for support comes from the individual.  They do not have to be personally affected in order to participate.  The younger generation has engaged in the fad of getting the tattoo as a form of rebelling against the established norm and the past conservative values that existed about forty years ago, but the process and the thought behind getting a tattoo now has taken on some very inspiring and motivating themes.  One of these themes is that of the cancer awareness tattoo.  As tattoos were created to draw attention to the rebel in all of us, now cancer ribbon tattoos can draw our attention to the effort required to keep the battle against cancer going.  These do not have to serve as living monuments to those that have fallen to cancer but they can also be living reminders of the need to do everything in our power to keep the battle strong.

Cancer is a killer of many that has blurred every known stripe and walk of life and in every age group.  What better way to permanently carry the message to keep the masses aware than to sport one of these tattoos.  With cancer ribbon tattoos and cancer awareness tattoos we can be personally motivated to remember the fight and we can carry the message loud and clear that cancer is the enemy and we have to remember to stay healthy for our loved ones and to keep the drive going in an attempt to beat back those previously mentioned frightening statistics.  Keep families together and strong.

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