Can You Breast Feed With Implants

The Facts

By: - Babies - September 12, 2011
can you breast feed with implants the facts
One very controversial topic among many health care professionals and parents alike is the question that many breast plant recipients ask; can you breast feed with implants?   As mentioned, this is a highly charged, controversial subject and it is certain to keep the topic of breastfeeding with implants a very charged topic for some time to come.

Ideally, it is really better for the individual woman to discuss this with their family physician if they want  to get a lucid and candid answer that is structured around their specific situation rather than turning to general media sources such as the internet or the population at large for a majority answer they may accept one way or another.  Failing to consult with their doctors may cause some issues with the child or even that of the parent who is breastfeeding with implants.  So, can you breast feed with implants or not?  There has to be two criteria to be answered before an answer closer to the truth for each person can be given.  First of all, is the breast with the implants even capable of providing and producing milk at all and secondly and more importantly, is breast feeding with implants safe for the child?  One lactation consultant made the statement that it depends on part where the incisions were made for the insertion of the implant.  If it is made in the area known as the fold beneath the breast that does not affect the nerves responsible for the creation of the milk, then of course it follows there is no issue.  However, if there are any cuts made about the areola then this may damage the nerves and result in no milk being produced.  Often enough times though, the scarring that results from surgery for implants can cause some pain when the child latches onto the nipple and begins feeding.  This is obviously not healthy for the mother nor for the child.  Although breastfeeding with implants is not considered unsafe, the area taken up by the implant may impede the capacity of the breast to produce enough milk for the child in the first place.  The saline implants are regarded as being safe for the child when breastfeeding but there is no clear answer with respect to the silicone implants.

So can you breastfeed with implants is still likely to be a hotly debated topic for many for a very long time to come as there are no concrete results either way to prove or disprove the effectiveness and the safety about breastfeeding with implants.  The only tried and effective way of making that determination is through the consultation with your family doctor.

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