Calorie Restriction Diet Plan - Does It Work

Calorie Restriction Diet Plan – Does It Work?

By: - Weight Loss - August 30, 2011
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The calorie restriction diet plan, also known as CR, is a diet that restricts the amount of calories you consume. Over many years of research, it has been scientifically shown in both human and animal studies, that being on a calorie restriction diet plan can not only help you lose weight, but add years to your life. Furthermore, in the animal studies done, this CR diet cut the incidences of cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

This diet plan certainly works and the main idea of the diet is simple. You should eat low calorie foods that have high levels of nutrition. The Calorie Restriction Society is a group that supports those people on the CR diet and works both on and offline to offer support to those on the plan. They offer information about practicing CR and how to do it safely. They offer e-mail support, annual conferences and many books and websites about how to be on a calorie restriction diet plan.

To start the CR plan, the Calorie Restriction Society suggests learning about nutrition and not counting calories at first. You need to avoid simple sugars and flours, including any overly processed foods. Your diet should be rich in leafy green vegetables, proteins and healthy fats. These fats should be consumed from foods such as almonds, olive oil and avocados. Fish is also an excellent source of healthy fats. Proteins should come in the form of white meat and fish as well as nuts, eggs and vegetables. You should eat foods that are high in proteins but low in calories as you will soon be cutting your calories dramatically.

Now that you have an idea of some of the items you can eat on the CR diet, the Calorie Restriction Society encourages you to use one of their many calculators online or in their literature to determine your goal calorie amount. One note of caution, you should never, under any circumstances, attempt this diet without being under the care of a doctor, especially in the beginning. You need to learn to monitor your own health and become savvy about nutrition before going it alone. You can become very ill and suffer from malnutrition. Though this diet is not designed to cause malnutrition, people attempt it without knowing enough about their bodies and how nutrients work. You should make sure to get several tests and an exam from your doctor to make sure you are physically fit enough to undertake the CR diet.