Cabrio Washer Problems

Useful Information Beyond Washing And Drying

By: - Home & Family - September 21, 2011
cabrio washer problems useful information beyond washing and drying

These days, a lot of people in millions of homes across the country have washers and driers and many of those have a brand known as the cabrio washer and drier.  It follows thus that there have been cabrio washer problems and we will discuss the most common of them in the following article.

As Whirlpool manufacturers are the makers of this machine, their interest in maintaining an effective device is crucial but a total recall of the machine seems not to be forthcoming.  One common problem that typify cabrio washer problems is that of what is known as Error 51.  This occurs when your machine suddenly stops working in the middle of a wash and the display features an Error 51.  This has been determined to mean that there is a sensor error in the rotary position and for many it seems to be occurring at an alarming rate, and in many situations before the first year of ownership!  Although it has not been determined as such regarding the cabrio washer and dryer, it would appear that the rotary position arm and the sensor board are not in perfect working order and rather than stage a complete recall, the warrantee that you have with the machine is being used instead.  The cost of both of these items together come to about two-hundred and fifty dollars.  The cabrio washer and dryer have a newer version of the old sensor board that makes them more effective but again, this falls under warranty if you are fortunate to encounter the issue before that time lapses.  Otherwise the cost, as stipulated above could come to a high price and unless you are an accomplished repair handy person with skills relative to electronics, you will be forced to pay out for cabrio washer problems that arise thus.  True that there are other issues with the cabrio washer and dryer, the conclusion by many is not a positive one as to the effectiveness of the machines.

Cabrio washer problems abound on sounding forums online and before you make the purchase of your cabrio washer and dryer, learn first if the sensor board is the newer model and you will save yourself a small fortune.

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