Caboodles Makeup Cases - Hold All Your Things

Caboodles Makeup Cases – Hold All Your Things

By: - Beauty - October 14, 2011
caboodles makeup cases %E2%80%93 hold all your things

From the start of Caboodles, girls have used these iconic cases to hold everything from makeup to jewelry and more. Though made to carry cosmetics, Caboodles makeup cases became useful in so many other ways as well. People use them today for so many reasons. You can keep your things organized, you can store treasures or even use them for storing medications, tools or fishing tackle. No matter who you are, you will certainly come up with a great way to use Caboodles makeup cases in your home or business.

When they were first introduced, Caboodles makeup cases were simple two toned plastic cases for makeup. As they have evolved over the years, the Caboodles brand has expanded and now has cases of all sizes, colors, shapes and uses. There are small cases for storing eyeglasses all the way up to large cases used by professional makeup artists on the go. There are even Caboodles brand vanity organizers on the market. Though Caboodles are great, they can be a bit on the pricey side for some people, usually costing about $30 depending on the model. If you cannot afford a real Caboodles case, you may want to make your own.

If you want to know how to make a makeup bag to store your things instead of using a hard case, you may need to learn a few skills like sewing by hand or learning to use a sewing machine. Additionally, you can buy a pre-made bag and decorate a makeup bag yourself with fabric paints or fabric markers. If you want to venture out to your local craft store, you will probably also find some makeup bag kits that will give you step by step instructions on how to make a makeup bag as well as all of the material needed.

If you are pretty crafty and want to sew your own, there are 100s of patterns and designs for makeup bags on the internet as well as directions on how to make a makeup bag from scratch. If you want a hard case makeup bag, you may want to consider designing and crafting one out of wood or plastic pieces. You can also use an old hard plastic case that was originally used for something else and convert it into a makeup case, like one of the Caboodles mentioned above. It is amazing how far a little creativity can go.