Cable Companies In My Area - Finding The Best Cable For You

Cable Companies In My Area – Finding The Best Cable For You

By: - Communications - October 24, 2011
cable companies in my area %E2%80%93 finding the best cable for you

If you have decided to get cable or have just moved into a new area, you may have asked yourself “What are cable companies in my area?” Usually this is a fairly easy question to answer as most areas, with the exception of larger cities, only have one option when it comes to cable. There may be other services, like dish services, but usually there is just one cable company in each area. Over recent years, however, the “monopolies” of cable companies have been challenged when other TV providers have moved into populous areas. For instance, if you want to know how to get tv without cable, try contacting local phone companies like Verizon or ATT. They may have some king of television service themselves.

Usually when you move into a new home or apartment, your realtor or landlord will give you a list of service providers for everything from phone companies to cable companies that service your specific area. Most of the time it will just be as easy as that when you ask “What are cable services in my area?” since you will only have one choice, possibly two, when it comes to cable providers. If you do not get this information from a landlord or realtor, you can easily do an internet search to find out what cable company services your area. When you have found out and answered the question “What are cable companies in my area?”, there will be a series of other decisions you will need to make as well.

Most cable companies offer bundles which they say can save you money. Typically you will find that cable, phone and internet are put together for one “low” price. Depending on the package you choose, you probably will find you will spend about $50 – $100 for average cable per month. When you bundle phone and internet in there, it will certainly go up. Cable companies use a lot of tricks in order to get you signed on with their companies including offering low introductory prices, but raising them up after 3 – 12 months. This can be a shock when you open a cable bill and it is doubled, but they make sure you are agreeing to it when you sign up. In order to avoid this, make sure you are reading all of the small print before signing up with a cable company in your area.