Butterfly Bush Pruning The Best Methods

Butterfly Bush PruningThe Best Methods

By: - Gardening - September 12, 2011
butterfly bush pruning the best methods

Butterfly bushes are very popular because they are gorgeous and easy to care for.  They are great at attracting beautiful flora and fauna to your garden or yard including butterflies and hummingbirds. They are very hearty plants, grow with little effort from a gardener and come in over 100 species for a very wide variety of color from red and orange to dark blue, purple and black.

One of the most common questions about them is about butterfly bush pruning. If you do one thing to these plants, pruning butterfly bushes is probably the most important. Though watering, drainage and adequate sun is important, these bushes can get out of control and grow fast, sometimes up to 10 feet or more in one year if conditions are right. In this case, pruning butterfly bushes is probably a priority.

As a gardener, you should know that these really are, as said above, tough plants and there really isn’t much you can do to harm them when going about your butterfly bush pruning. There is no specific time to do it, no exact or perfect method to pruning and even if you slip or make a mistake, cutting off the flowers, this is not a tragedy. The flowers will grow back quicker than you think.

The first thing to do, even if you do nothing else, is to simple cut off the brown, dead or dying flowers. You can do this with any type of garden shears or cutters, some people simply use a strong pair of scissors to cut the flowers away. This process, of removing the dead flowers when pruning butterfly bushes is called “deadheading”.  If you want to control the size and amount of flowers, you should be pruning every few weeks or so and pruning from the bottom of the plant up to the top.

Butterfly bush pruning is usually as easy as that, though you probably should get out the big shears and cut the plant back at least once a season, usually around late winter. Most people will cut them down to about half the size they were, as remember, they can grow 10 feet over the next few months. A smaller plant at the beginning of spring can grow to quite a huge behemoth by the time September or October rolls around! Keeping you butterfly bush trimmed back is easy, as you can see, but you may need to do it often to stay in control.