Burmese Cat

Understanding Good Pet Care

By: - Pets - July 4, 2011
burmese cat understanding good pet care

Of the many different kinds of cats in existence today, one of the most beautiful and adored is that of the Burmese cat.  Most of the Burmese cats in the world can trace their origins to a cat that was first introduced to the western world from Burma in 1930 named Wong Mau.  Since that time, the Burmese cat has branched out into two different varieties; the American and the British Burmese, although many cat registries won’t identify them by this distinction.  Those cat registries, however, will instead make reference to the British Burmese as the European Burmese.

Cat lovers will favor the Burmese cats for its unique social characteristics in which they are not only intelligent but vocal felines that many times call out to their masters and love to interact with them. Equally so, it is difficult not to fall in love with such an animal as the Burmese, with its soft, sweet sounding meow and the love of interacting with their masters. Blinking their gold or yellow eyes and with the meow and love of interacting with their human masters, the strong bond that is created as a result of these irresistible characteristics is unmistakable.   Their love of fun and their playful nature will not change from when they were kittens to adult years, making them known in feline circles as playful little clowns.  This is not to say that they cannot defend themselves, even though the tendency toward aggression has largely been bred out of them over the years.  Given the right scenario and under threat, they are more than capable of rendering a stiff defense against perceived dangers.

Over the years, the physical differences, while subtle have a marked difference between the American and the British Burmese in which the American Burmese has a build that is somewhat stronger than its British counterpart that has more moderate shape.   No matter what the distinction though, American or British, the lifespan of these beautiful cats is considerably longer than most other felines.  They have been known to achieve an age of between 16 years to 18 years and in part owe their long lifespan to their size which ranges between 4 to 6 kilograms, making them a small to moderate size.  As well, the coloring of the Burmese cat has changed from its original brown color to a number of different colors owing to careful, discriminate breeding.

There are no characteristics, no physical ailments that would make Burmese cats unsuitable for any household with a cat loving owner.  It wouldn’t merely be an owner/cat household, but a household of two buddies in it together for the long run for which the friendship will never weaken.

Photo: Burmese kittens – public domain photo, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Blissandlucky11.jpg

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