Budwig Diet Scam - Is It Really A Scam

Budwig Diet Scam – Is It Really A Scam?

By: - Disease & Illness - September 15, 2011
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You may have heard much about the Budwig diet if you or someone you know has been diagnosed with cancer. Some call it the Budwig diet scam, but whatever you call it, no matter if it works or not, it is a real diet that many cancer patients swear by. There have been many claims that this diet works and many more that it doesn’t. The Budwig diet scam may very well be true if you ask many doctors but there are people who have done the diet and have miraculously been healed. For someone who may feel they have nothing to lose, the Budwig diet, scam or not, may be worth a shot.

The Budwig diet consists of two stages. The first is the medicine, the only medication you will take, and the diet. The medicine itself, according to the diet, is all you need to fight cancer. There are many Budwig diet recipes online. All other prescription medications you are on should be discarded, or at least not used. The medicine should be made daily, at home, with no substitutions. To make the medicine use 1 cup of pure cottage cheese or unsweetened yogurt and mix with 3-4 tablespoons of flax seed oil or 1-3 tablespoons of ground flax seeds. You should also add a pinch of cayenne pepper or as much as you want to taste. You can also add, as you like, a bit of garlic, red pepper or champagne. You should take this, at minimum, once per day.

Many other Budwig diet recipes are available on the internet.  One of them is for an oxygen drink which you should drink several times a day. To mix the drink add 8 oz of pure spring water, 2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar, a quarter teaspoon of baking soda and 1-2 tsp of hydrogen peroxide, 3%. This drink will fizz, so be careful when adding ingredients.

Other Budwig diet recipes available include this one for breakfast called Budwig Cream. You will mix 4 tablespoons of yogurt with 1 tsp each of sunflower oil and honey. You should juice 1 half of a Meyer lemon and stir together. To this mixture add 2 tsp of walnuts and 2 tsp of shredded whole wheat.

The Budwig diet has never been scientifically proven besides by Dr. Budwig and her associates. Most cancer doctors would say this is not a great way to treat cancer especially because you cannot take your prescription medications. Many other, however, are cancer free after doing the Budwig diet.

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