Broken Blood Vessels On The Face

By: - Skin Care - September 13, 2011
broken blood vessels on the face

There are many reasons for broken blood vessels.  People who age tend to get them as their skin becomes more fragile and damage occurs.  Sometimes newborns suffer these because of the process known as labour and delivery.  Sometimes, however, pressure from the inside or the outside of the face’s skin structure just becomes so much that blood vessels collapse and break without warning.  However, broken blood vessels face are not the worst damage you can get on your face, depending on the size and where they are located, the sight of them may be far worse to you than others.  So, what can you do if you get on?

If you suffer broken blood vessels as a newborn, your parents will simply let them heal and they will usually disappear in time.  Unfortunately, as we get older, our skin is less and less able to heal itself and unlike newborns, we are not producing new cells at a height rate to such a degree that the damage would be fixed rapidly, erasing all trace of broken blood vessels face.  The best way to deal with them in adults is to take care not to cause them or to avoid the potential for them to form.  The first thing to keep in mind is that a stressed blood vessel can break, which for example could because it is clogged with plague or it has been so thinned by smoking that there is little space for the blood to go, forcing its way through to the point where sometimes the walls of the vessels become weak and just break.  It is no surprise then that a lot of elderly people suffer from this, given to their age and the lifestyle choices that they may have made in their younger years.  Additionally, one cannot discount the fact that sometimes accidents and injuries can cause blood vessels to break too.  In these cases, unless the break is severe enough, usually you will find that the break will heal and leave little or no scar.  However, sometimes these can be enormous, resulting from a force of impact that leaves the blood vessel not just broken at one end, but both.  This may trap the blood inside the broken piece and thus dry the dark colour and never go away.  Thankfully, even if you suffer this type of break, you can get help from your doctor to relieve this.

So, if you are having to deal with broken blood vessels, the chances are that you are either a victim of your youth, a child who has just entered the world, or you have sustained an injury.  Either way, getting a doctor’s advice is your best way to find remedies, many of which do not require surgery.

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