Breast Lift Without Implants

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By: - Beauty - June 6, 2011
breast lift without implants

Is it possible to have a breast lift without implants? Well, in some cases this is possible using a form of breast lift without surgery, which can help people with drooping or sagging breasts that come from aging, hereditary issues or pregnancy.  Though there are no guarantees that it will work for you, such lifting has been able in some people to restore their youthful breast appearance.

A breast lift without implants can bring back your breasts perky appearance and positioning.  Usually the process involves removing unnecessary and somewhat redundant breast soft tissues and skin.  More advanced techniques give you less scars and not only lift your breasts to the level that you prefer, but may even make the overall shape as good as if not better than your original youthful breasts.  However, you have to meet with a qualified plastic surgeon to discuss what they can and cannot do for you.  Not everyone is ideal for this type of surgery and it may depend on many factors.

Usually, you can have this procedure done at almost any age, but it works best after female development has ceased.  Additionally, you should wait on any surgery until you have finished having any kids because breastfeeding and pregnancy will change the shape and size of your breasts regardless.  If you want to have a breast lift without implants, you have to meet certain medically required conditions, including:

  • Araeolas and nipples that face down and/or have dropped to lower than the crease of your breasts
  • Pendulous breasts with plenty of soft breast tissue

When you meet with a consultant surgeon, you will be assessed for your health, past history, medical issues and overall surgical goals.  After having any surgery without implants, you will have to deal with the recovery time, which in the 1st week means that you will have to avoid strenuous activities and undergo dressing changes and have any drains removed.  During the first three weeks, you body needs time to heal, so it will take time for the pain, swelling and bruising to go.  You may also have to have stitches removed and wait for normal sensations to come back.  As time progresses, you will see the finalized results which hopefully will meet your satisfaction, as well as your life getting back to normal.  Even the scars will become less noticeable, fading within the first three months after surgery.

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