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By: - Breast Cancer - August 30, 2011
breast cancer ribbon tattoos for men

Since its introduction in 1991, the pink ribbon has become the international symbol for breast cancer awareness.  It is a well known and sad fact that half a million men and women die from breast cancer each year, although deaths of women far outnumber that of men.  To commemorate those that we have known that have either suffered from and died or are still undergoing treatment for breast cancer, the pink ribbon has become the symbol for remembrance and strength.  In recent years, breast cancer ribbon tattoos have flourished as the numbers of those affected escalate, and there are even breast cancer tattoos for men!

Because breast cancer is such an infamous and near monolithic disease that affects thousands year after year, our strength and determination is just as big and even stronger.  Thousands more suffer the loss of their grandmothers, mothers, wives, aunts, cousins, sisters and friends because of this dreaded disease.  The color pink is not a deterrent for the men in the family to sport the color in honor of friends and loved ones.  Everyone is seeking the breast cancer ribbon tattoos and there has been a new trend to even create breast cancer tattoos for men.  These unique and revealing tattoos demonstrate the sincerity, the love and the support that we have for our best friends through colorful and commemorative tattoos. Emblazoned with the names of our loved ones breast cancer ribbon tattoos are one of the most poignant means of showing our support.  Many of those facilities that help to create the pink ribbon tattoos donate a portion of the proceeds to the breast cancer foundation.  These badly needed funds is the ammunition toward further research and development of cures needed to help eliminate the need to sport the ribbons but until then the popularity and the rallying cry that these important and symbolic tattoos tell us are a must have.  In days gone by, hearts emblazoned across the chest with ‘mom’ scrawled in some ancient form of text has now been replaced with pink ribbons or crosses that feature the name of the heros and the survivors of the dreaded disease known as breast cancer.

Breast cancer tattoos for men and breast cancer ribbon tattoos are the ideal way to permanently carry our passions and support for the loved ones that mean and have meant so much to us and they deserve a support no less that we can demonstrate through these meaningful tattoos.

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