Brazilian Blowout Dangers - Is It Real

Brazilian Blowout Dangers – Is It Real?

By: - Hair - September 9, 2011
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There has been a lot of information out there about the Brazilian Blowout hair procedure, much about the Brazilian Blowout dangers. Many claims have been made about why you should not get a Brazilian Blowout done, but what is a Brazilian Blowout exactly and is the danger real?

You may have asked the question “What is a Brazilian Blowout?” after hearing all the news about the Brazilian Blowout dangers. Simply put a Brazilian Blowout if a brand name for a keratin straightening treatment for your hair. Some people describe it as a kind of reverse perm. Like perms, which chemically curl your hair, the Brazilian Blowout straightens and smoothes your hair. The Brazilian Blowout method claims to be great for anyone with dry, damaged or frizzy hair as well as for anyone who has any frustrations with their hair at all.

Another question that is also asked is “What is in a Brazilian Blowout?” There is formaldehyde in it, if that is what you are wondering. The Oregon Health Science University has found, when doing research, in samples of Brazilian Blowout solution there was between 4.85% to 10.6% formaldehyde. If you are not aware of what formaldehyde is, it is a known cancer causing substance that is used most commonly as a disinfectant and embalming agent.

The Brazilian Blowout dangers definitely include the risk of formaldehyde exposure. This is a cancer causing material and should be avoided at all costs according to the FDA. The Brazilian Blowout company claims there is no danger to using their product and it is completely safe. However they have released a version of Brazilian Blowout solution called “Brazilian Blowout Free” that is marketed as having no formaldehyde. Unfortunately, studies on this solution have shown about 0.2% formaldehyde even though it is said to be free of the cancer causing chemical.

If you have ever seen a Brazilian Blowout performed, you will see that both the stylist and customer both wear facial masks to filter the air they are breathing. The problem many people have is if you should obviously not be breathing this in, how can it be safe to apply to your head and hair?

Brazilian Blowout is expensive, from $200 – $500 depending on where you get it. It does make your hair straight, frizz free and beautiful, but at what price?  Most scientists and doctors agree that the $500 price tag could be the least of your worries when getting this procedure.