BPH Symptoms

Knowing And Treating The Problem

By: - Medicine - July 7, 2011
bph symptoms knowing and treating the problem

The problems that come with BPH symptoms can stop men right in their tracks.  BPH, or benign prostatic hyperplasia, can vary in severity, having completely unnoticeable symptoms in some men and crippling effects on others.  The condition refers to the enlargement of the prostate due to a number of reasons, ranging for a lasting infection to a non-cancerous tumor.  Regardless of the cause, however, the enlargement of the prostate can cause serious BPH symptoms, and while the degree to which the prostate is enlarged does not always correlate directly with the severity of the symptoms, the two occurrences are inextricably linked.

Most cases of BPH are due to a completely natural enlargement of the prostate.  As men age their bodies change, and a certain level of growth can be expected in the prostate of every individual.  Some, however, experience more drastic growth than others, just as many people with barely enlarged prostates can suffer from serious symptoms associated with BPH.  As such, there is absolutely no reason to be alarmed if diagnosed with the condition.  A body with BPH is just as healthy as any other – it just needs special attention to avoid causing serious complications in the lives of those who suffer from it.

The symptoms of BPH are widely varied and not everyone suffering from the condition deal with every problem BPH can bring about.  The most common issue men face is difficulty urinating and stopping once finished – it can be hard to get a stream of urine to begin flowing, and once it gets going it can be very difficult to stop.  Other symptoms include a generally weak urine stream caused by pressure from the enlarged prostate and an overwhelming sensation that the bladder in not completely emptied after urination.  In the most serious cases BPH can completely or almost completely seal off the bladder, making it impossible or nearly impossible to urinate at all.

BPH treatments can come in many different forms and can attack the problem from a number of fronts.  Mild cases require very simple treatment, usually in the form of behavioral modification – individuals who eat foods or take medicines that may exaggerate BPH symptoms consciously work to change their actions.  More serious conditions require more serious BPH treatments.  Some people may choose to take medication for their symptoms or might even opt for non-invasive procedures like microwave therapy.  Yet when men are unable to urinate for extended periods of time or have frequent issues with bladder and kidney stones, surgery may be the only option.  Different BPH treatments suit different symptoms, and pinpointing the most minimally invasive option is crucial to success.

Those living with BPH know how devastating it can be.  The condition is no laughing matter, and the consequences of BPH if left untreated can be extremely damaging.  Men have a lot to deal with, and BPH is often a major concern, but it need not destroy someone’s life.  With property treatment, BPH can be managed, and those who suffer from it can get on with their lives.

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