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By: - Parenting - June 6, 2011
boy scout merit badges

Boy Scout merit badges are the prized awards that many young men of the Boy Scouts work hard to get.  They undertake varied activities and are tested in those areas of study to meet varied standards set by the organization.  The program allows the Scouts to look at each subject and potentially learn new life skills or find areas in which they may one day develop their adult careers.  Best of all, they use Boy Scout merit badge books to keep track of each achievement they make, a record that they may one day share with their own little Scouts.

The Boy Scout merit badges are quite often a means for them to demonstrate any new skills that they have obtained, earning many of them at summer type camps and Scout meetings.  Each one of the badges come with their own Boy Scout merit badge book, a pamphlet that gives the Scout information concerning the badge requirements.  After showing what they have learnt successfully to a Scouting leader, they are signed off as having completed the job at hand and given an appropriate badge during the next Scout meeting.  Each badge Is a circular type patch with an image embroidered onto it regarding the task that they completed.  Boy Scouts wear special sashes on their uniforms on more formal types of occasions to display the badges that they have achieved.  In fact, an annual tally is made of the number of merit badgets that each Scout receives, and some Scouts are honoured for those achievements.  More recent badges that have been added in recent years go beyond the pioneering and basic life skills to include robotic, heritage, geocaching and inventing.  As such the Boy Scout merit badge books are updated annually to keep pace with any new additions and requirements.

The Boy Scout merit badges are given to Scouts in countries around the world.  Each year lucky Scouts join together in major gatherings, meeting other Scouts from as far away as Thailand, the UK, Austria, Spain, Japan, Indonesia and Canada.  Each Scout has the chance to view merit badges from these countries and to see the many languages in which the Boy Scout merit badge books have been translated into.

Photo: Baden Powell, the founder of the Scouts – public domain photo

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