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Muscles Made Perfect

By: - Fitness Equipment - July 4, 2011
bowflex xtreme 2 muscles made perfect

New and no doubt exciting to the athletic minded people or even the fitness enthusiast is the Bowflex xtreme 2.  Guranteed to provide you with the best workout that you’ll ever need and with a guarantee from Bowflex xtreme2 as well, you can be promised to have one of the best work outs you’ve ever had or will have in times to come.

So what’s all in the bowflex xtl2?  Two hundred and ten pounds of resistance compounded into a well structured machine that promises to deliver on an optimum workout, and enhanced muscle tearing development.  Without the risk that you’ll find when trying to obtain the same results using the free weight system and the joint pain and the inertia that comes with them, the bowflex xtl2 delivers not only on results but in the ease by which your objective to muscle enhancement is obtained.

The Bowflex xtreme 2 has many features that make it an attractive choice for any and all fitness buffs or comptetitive body builders.  The Bowflex xtreme2 can be upgraded from the standard 210 lbs to up to one of two choices, to 310 lbs or the maximum range of 410 lbs resistance.  With this added feature of the Bowflext extreme 2,  the sky is the virtual limit for your body building ambitions.

When you finally get your Bowflex xtl2 assembled in your home, you’ll find an owner’s manual for the maintenance of and usage of the machine to begin your exercise regimen.  It explains the various features of the machine that will aid you in the development of your weight routine.  The machine comes with every component necessary to give your entire body a work out and without the bother of having to change gears through the manual system, the pulley system that requires no changing throughout the course of your routine will help you stay on track, maintain your heart rate rhythm and move from one routine to another with no bother at all.

The Bowflex xtreme 2 has a compact volume to accommodate a smaller area for your workout routine allowing you to still maintain maximum usage of the machine.  The Bowflex xtrem2 has 5 way hand grips and ankle cuffs  that allows you to have the luxury of flexibility during your routine.  Not only is there an ankle cuff but there are foot and shoulder cuffs for hands free movement and comfort.   The Bowflex xtreme2 has an adjustable seat to accommodate your body size and desire to increase or decrease your reach during various routines and it comes with the promise that if you don’t see a better result in just six weeks, you can return the entire set along with the original packaging for a complete refund.  Please note that shipping and handling costs are deducted from the amount of the refund.  The promise doesn’t end there as there is a seven year warrantee on the machine for workmanship and parts, that if owing to normal wear and tear and  that any defectives appear in any of the components, it will be replaced at no cost to you at all, bearing in mind that the machine and its parts were used according to suggested standards.  This applies only to the private use and not commercial use of the machine and the rods  come with a lifetime guarantee.

With guarantees and a warrantee of this extent and the features that put an entire gym into one small area to accommodate every simulated movement of the human body, the Bowflex xtreme2 can safely put itself into a category of being one of the best, high tech weight lifting machines on the market today.

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