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Getting The Bottom Line

By: - Muscle Building - July 4, 2011
bowflex powerpro getting the bottom line

In the period running from January, 1995 to December, 2003, Nautilus Direct, operating under a business name known as Bowflex Power Pro produced as many as 420,000 units of varying styles that have since developed two defective operating problems.  These problems, if not addressed immediately, could result in serious injury to the user.

These Bowflex Power Pro products, purchased at prices that ranged anywhere between $1,200 dollars to $1,600 dollars, have been the subject of concern over serious injuries incurred during use that has prompted both the United states Consumer Product Safety Commission (known as CPSC) and the makers of the bowflex, Natilus Direct, to issue an immediate recall or cessation of useage of their product.  After having received more than 70 complaints of defective back boards that have broken, resulting in 59 shoulder, neck and back injuries, and more than 18 reports of defective incidences, in which at least 14 situations involving head stitches, back injuries, neck injuries, nose and broken teeth occurred as a result of a defective Lateral tower or Lat tower, an immediate response to stop using these devices was issued by the makers of the Bowflex Powerpro.

Specifically, the back-board benches, when placed into the incline position during usage, can suddenly and without warning become damaged resulting in serious back and neck injuries.  The Lateral tower may unexpectedly fall after rotating to the front, running the risk of serious injury to the user.

The specific models affected by these dangers were made in the USA, China and Taiwan and are the Bowflex Power Pro XL, the XTLU and the XTL machines that contain the attachment known as the “Lat Tower”.  This device is attached to the end of the bench, and there are pulleys affixed to it, with cables that are attached to rods that range between ten to fourteen inches in length can extend to about forty-eight inches in height.  The back board in question is about 36 inches in length.

Those consumers who have these specific Bowflex Powerpro models are advised to immediately discontinue using the “Lat Tower”  and the bench in the inclined position.  Nautilus Direct has begun an active campaign to contact the owners of these machines and it has also instituted a toll free telephone number in which you can reach them at any time and arrangements will be made to provide you with a no charge repair kit to eliminate the issues surrounding these two identified problem areas.  You may reach Nautilus Direct at (888)424-3020 or you can also contact them via their website.

Please note that either returning the Bowflex Powerpro product to the manufacturer or contacting the manufacturer for the requisite repair kit are your two available options to circumvent the problem from recurring or occurring in the first place.  It is illegal under federal law to try to sell a recalled item to anyone.

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