Bottleless Water Cooler

A Better Investment Than Bottled Water

By: - Product Reviews - June 25, 2011
bottleless water cooler a better investment than bottled water

Just about everyone is familiar with the sight of a water cooler system.  A large, upside down bottle set atop a cooler that dispenses water into a cup has been an office staple for decades.  Over the years, companies have found more efficient ways of providing water to their staff throughout the day and one increasingly popular method is via a bottleless water cooler.    These water coolers, more commonly referred to as “Point of Use” water coolers or “Plugged In” water coolers are directly connected to the building’s main water supply and provide filtered water in much the same way a refrigerator unit does.

Many companies today are realizing that the cost of bottled water systems is not consistent with the benefits.  When using a bottled water system, the consumer is dependent on the company’s schedule for delivery of their water and often finds it difficult to get deliveries during peak times and seasons.  Nobody is happy when the tank is empty and there is no water to drink.   A point of use water cooler eliminates all possibility of this ever being a problem while still providing chilled or hot filtered water.  The only scheduled maintenance the cooler needs is it’s filter changed out and in general, that is something a staff member can handle and doesn’t need to involve irritating wait times or scheduling conflicts with an service company.

One of the significant advantages to owning a point of use water cooler is the lack of the large plastic bottles usually associated with in-office water coolers.  While it is true that the companies typically reuse and recycle the large jugs, it is still better for the environment in general if they aren’t used at all.  Not only is the plastic not manufactured in the first place, but there is no gas or energy wasted in their transportation.  Many companies also offer environmentally friendly and responsible filtration systems, making the entire unit is “green” and a more responsible purchase.

Of course, owning a water cooler of any kind does come with at least some maintenance concerns.  The cooler has parts that will eventually need to be replaced, such as heating elements, cooling units and filters.  Thankfully, the large majority of manufacturers sell bottlelesss water cooler parts, making maintenance convenient and saving money in the long run.  It’s much cheaper, for example, to order bottleless water cooler parts (such as a new spigot or water line) than it is to replace the entire unit.  Regular maintenance will keep the consumer’s investment a sound one.

Generally speaking, it is possible to locate bottleless water cooler parts online on the manufacturers’ website or through the company the unit was purchased from.  Reputable companies typically also employ knowledgeable maintenance crews that can assist the consumer with any troubleshooting that needs to occur.